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  Sorry but I need to make it. Another HSM article. (Doll Article)

(July 31, 2007 by ilovezelda Send DollMail )
Yes once again HSM is brought into the mix! Please do not kill me.
Sorry but i NEED to make my point across. I know there are so much better movies, but hey atleast disney tried right? All they want to say is mix up the cliques. Yeah I dont go to public school but I hear really bad (and good to!) things about it!

And for people who say that nodbody gets up and sings getcha' head in the game in the middle of basketball practice.....WHAT THE HEY DO YOU THINK MUSICAL MEANS!

This is a first for me so if you have any...comments that use swearing please keep 'em to yourself. (No I cant make you do that but i would certainly appreciate it for the littler ones ok?)

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Posted On: August 1, 2007
I love HSM, but you're not making sense at all.Alabama_Blonde, dont even comment on this one!

~Eli the Qt~
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