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  girls look so ??? (Doll Article)

(July 30, 2007 by B1T3_M3 Send DollMail Send Email ICQ AIM YIM  )
why do pop stars and posh girls always have perfect skin and hair ????
Yeah so why do all theses so called special girls ( pop stars actress blah blah u know) always have perfect skin and hair

yeah i no its all about make up and shampoo and care but i do evrything to help prevent spots but gess what there alwas there and my hair in shiny like a mirror ???

Little miss perfect has been around in many forms for over 100s of years but latley its been little miss rich has the most perfect body ever ??
and why are people mean to fat people ?? i no my fare share of stunners that are a pound or 2 over so whats the deal ??

so got any suggestions for me or eny other girls with my problem

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Elkmont, AL
Posted On: July 30, 2007
Because, celebs have hair stylists, makeup artists,plastic surgeons, and dermatoligists that live to make them look perfect. That's the way life works. If you work hard and get rich, then you can look perfect to. If you don't? Get over it.
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Posted On: July 30, 2007
Yes, I agree. My friends dont like Queen Latifah (dont know if I spelled it right) because she is fat. i am skinny myself, but i dont really care if people are fat.

and yes, i hate idolatry. To tell you the truth, fat people are often talented than skinny people. Like singing.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: July 30, 2007
yes! omg i totally agree!~ celebs are too beautiful. to perfect. too fake. all i can say is: stop idolizing stars and heiresses. they loose the media creditbility, and get dropped. start caring more about real issues, like poverty and the o-zone. write to magazines. tell them that no one in their right mind wants to wear half the things they show and what girl has so much time before school or work to do something to their eyes that twelve professionals do in an hour or so. women are strong, we can make a difference. just like that song by p!nk, stupid girls. or the one by saving jane, one girl revolution. they're great, powerful songs.
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