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(July 13, 2007 by DaNi_AwEsOmEsT_93 Send DollMail )
A New Club with Everything
Ok so i started a new club and it should be like a TDP news page. LOL well i will have a lot.

Ok so i know this is going to be odd but im starting a sort of NEWS PAGE on the TDP clubs. It will have anything u need to know.Right now it is under construction and only has a little bit of news on Harry Potter but im waiting for ppl to join then i will make it better. Anyway somethings that i will have are

-News on celebrities and anything

-Book Reviews

-Movie Reviews

-giveaways like...


~backgrounds i made

~codes to awesome stuff


-many more.....

anyway heres the link

and i know i should have made this an announcement but then how would u see it. Anyway I know that there are probably many clubs out there with this idea already but this one will definately be more fun. I dont concentrate on just one subject and I have giveways. In this if i miss something u can tell me and i would definately add it. i will have people to be movie reviewers, book reviewers,tdp experts,dollstories reviewers, and a lot more. Everyone would be able to take a part in it lol. So check it out

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Posted On: August 20, 2007
i joined about a month ago it's good
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United Kingdom
Posted On: July 17, 2007

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Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On: July 14, 2007
I am a part of this club, and I have to tell you guys, I think this could be great. It could be an entire newspaper, and I have my share of kick-butt ideas with this as well.
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