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Vampires and Gothic Love: Hot Summer Reading @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Vampires and Gothic Love: Hot Summer Reading (Doll Article)

(July 13, 2007 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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You may hate reading during the school year when your teacher makes you. I know it certainly makes it harder for me to love a book if weíre constantly picking it apart in class, but reading doesnít have to be evil Ė especially in the summer. There are great books to be read that are written just for girls. Here are a few of my favorites (and soon-to-be-favorites) if youíre looking for the perfect something to do on a rainy afternoon.

Tales of a Romantic Vampire: Eclipse

Okay, Iím a series girl. I love things that come in series because the story just keeps going. This is great, especially if it is a good story. If you havenít read them already, you seriously need to consider checking out Twilight and then New Moon. They tell the tale of Bella, a girl who moves from the sunshine of the southwest to the damp woods of the Pacific Northwest.

She meets a boy who is so beautifully haunting itís scary, and then she finds out his secret, and most people would think he was just plain scary! Not Bella. She is desperately in love with a vampire, and Eclipse, the highly anticipated third book in the series is due out in August. Will Bella finally convince Edward to turn her into a vampire? Iím as anxious as you to find out!

Gothic Mystery and Romance: Great and Terrible Beauty

Although itís been out for awhile, you may not have read A Great and Terrible Beauty or its sequel, Rebel Angels. Set in the gothic days of England, Gemma is sent off to live in a boarding school after her motherís mysterious death. Gemma quickly discovers that something is not right Ė she seems to have powers nobody else does.

Gemma finds a close circle of friends who help her discover more about herself, her powers and the truth behind her motherís death. With occasional help from a mysterious and romantic gypsy, Gemma must protect the magic realm sheís discovered Ė even if it means losing herself or her friends along the way.

True Girl Talk: TTYL

Finally there is a book that has it right. Three friends have been close forever. They know everything about each other and suddenly they are faced with new hardships. Angela, Maddie and Zoe are thrown into a year of high school that will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

Secrets, lies, and a relationship with a teacher that crosses the line threaten their friendship. Gossip and accusations are commonplace throughout, and as youíll read youíll think to yourself: Finally! Somebody got it exactly right! The best part of all? The entire book (and its sequels) is written
entirely as instant messages.

The Must-Have: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

No list of summer reading would be complete without a mention of old Harry. The seventh and final book is coming out in mid-July and youíd better believe Iím ready. Iíve read all six of the first
books at least once, if not twice, and Iím ready to see how it all comes together. After Half-Blood Prince, Iím not sure Iím ready to know the truth, but I will face it like the tough chick I am. I have no idea whatís in the book yet, but Iíd encourage you to read it yourself Ė before your friends or I give away all the secrets.

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Erwin, TN
Posted On: July 13, 2007
"yat" is supposed to be "yay"
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: July 13, 2007
First yat. I cant wait for HP I have a copy reserved at Barnes and Nobles. xlost_rangerx is forcing me to read Twilight and New Moon. another friend of ours must read it too.
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