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  No one is made skinny (Doll Article)

(July 05, 2007 by abdullahashia Send DollMail Send Email )
o.k dollmakers I know you notice that every doll in every doll room has a nice physic. You know that curvy figure. Those shapes are attractable, but when it comes back down 2 reality. We are not all shaped like that, I'm skinny too. I would just like to see more shapes. The only differece with the doll bases are the breast size, amount of curve, and arms. But wheres the thick?

I'm just sayin....

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United States Minor Outlying Islands
Posted On: July 6, 2007
i am really skinny but i eat alot and i have never worked out in mylife, but i do think that some "bigger" dolls would be better.
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Posted On: July 6, 2007
I don't know what to say really but I'd love to see some dolls who have bigger body.... If anyone needed a confidence booster they could makeit I know I'd love it!!!
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San Jose, CA
Posted On: July 6, 2007
omg everybody iz worried bout image personally i think whats the big deal?????
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