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  TV in the Summertime (Doll Article)

(June 27, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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I'm staying busy in a new way this summer. Sure, you might be out training for a marathon or working three summer jobs to afford a car, but I'm not. I'm using my time off from school in the most productive way I know how – by resting.

My Life is Hard Work

I don't mean to complain, but my life is hard work. School is long and the work isn't getting any easier. Looking forward, I see years of school left and every minute and grade counts toward my future. I have college plans so I must be in clubs, volunteer, and challenge myself all the time to make sure my applications look great someday. So far, I'm on track with my grades, but that is not all that I do.

I also have to dedicate time to my activities during the school year like sports and music. My family seems to think they need a piece of me, too. Between family dinners and outing, games, practices and concerts, I barely have time at night to get my homework done much less call or text my friends to see what they are up to. But that is all over now – at least for a few months.


Summer at Last

I really worked hard for my summer this year. I just told you how much I did during the school year, so by the time summer rolled around, I was not ready to start anything new. So I'm doing one of the healthiest things in the world. I'm officially resting. Summer is officially called summer vacation, so I figure I'm on vacation.

There are lots of things to do as part of my vacation. The most important of which, so far, is to get all caught up on my shows. During the year I was only able to catch little pieces of the OC, Dancing with the Stars, Lost and others. I'm lucky enough to have TiVO, so I recorded as many episodes as I could. So far, I've worked my way though half of my recorded episodes and things I might have missed have been on repeats. So far, so good.

A Day of Rest

A typical day of rest is getting rather routine. The first thing I do is NOT set an alarm. There is nowhere I need to be, so why wake up before my body thinks it's time? After waking up, I lay around for a little while stretching and day dreaming. Finally, I get up and take my shower. I pull on some clean clothes, usually pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, and plop in front of the television with some breakfast.

I spend time watching my recorded episodes and finding new shows. I've learned a lot about the latest fashion and dance from MTV and VH1. I plan on spending some time fixing up my room based on the suggestions on TLC. But for right now, I'm simply gathering information to put to use when I'm tired of resting.

After awhile I need a stretch, so I'll do a few jumping jacks or take my dog for a walk. Some friends might come over to watch television with me in the afternoon or evening, and occasionally we'll branch out from television and go see a movie at night. My favorite is when somebody brings over an entire season of something good on DVD and we'll stay up late and have a marathon. What better way to relax and enjoy your friends' company?

TV is Unhealthy?

Television is unhealthy I suppose. Sitting around watching it certainly doesn't require any energy and I could get fat if I eat a bunch of junk. Fortunately, I do watch how much and when I eat, I take breaks that involve some exercise and I go out with my friends on a regular basis. Sitting around shoving junk food in my face would be unhealthy, but resting and relaxing during the time that is officially called vacation can't be wrong. It just feels too right!

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Sappington, MO
Posted On: June 27, 2007
yeah i probably need tv but i do other things to beside lay around and be a couch potato, i go to band camp which goes till July 6th and hang with friends. But tv is important too!
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