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  Clothes that can be in Style all Year (Doll Article)

(June 23, 2007 by babytink199 Send DollMail )
This is a guide that can help you be in style all year.
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. Thats all of the seasons of the year.

And you need clothes that can last all year. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans.
You can wear them all year.
In the summer, you can cut them into shorts the way you want it or not- You can buy destroyed jeans, shorts, or capris at Abercrombie or other famous stores. And tank tops. Pink, blue, red and white are best colors. Yellow is fine, too, but personally, its not my fave color.
In the winter, you can wear designer jeans- or design your own! And wear a cute jacket over on your shirt or sweater. What's really hot to wear in the winter: black. Black makes you warm, and it's cool!!!
Spring. Its too early to wear tanks, so wear cool shirts!
Fall. Its a little cold so wear something close what you would wear in the winter.

But you don't have to follow these tips. Do what you want because its your clothes and you wear them.

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Spring, TX
Posted On: July 29, 2007
and why do they have 2 be "famous" stores?? abercrombie is overpriced clothes that r so tight u r unable 2 breathe.
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Spring, TX
Posted On: July 29, 2007
well, who made you fit 2 tell us all how 2 b cool? we dont all have 2 wear what u tell us 2. thanks for the advice we will never use becawz we dont want 2 become fashion zombies but....oh no!! some of us already are.
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Lost Lake, CA
Posted On: July 26, 2007
Okay uhm number one....I do that already and uh think i'm not popular three or four friends mhmm so now you say it works??Number two.....I have no clue who that vandal is but if I find out....*evil plan forms in depressed persons head*
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Posted On: July 26, 2007
i personally think people should wear whatever they like.

cool or not.

i mean,it's called originality.

not 'let's look alike'ality.

so yeahh.

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Posted On: July 19, 2007
not into the prep style... =/

i follow my own rules =]
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Lesterville, MO
Posted On: July 5, 2007
What about skrits?? and how bout being diffrent???? and standing out and being yourself. I myself like hippie clothing such as bellbottoms, patchwork pants, and for tops in the summer a babydoll tee with something about nature or such like that on it.
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Posted On: July 4, 2007
UGG! sorry to be mean, but this is soooo making it sound like everyone should dress the same and be a stupid prep. Well, IM NOT GONNA BE A PREP!
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Saint Louis Park, MN
Posted On: June 28, 2007
:] Maybe buy clothes from a second-hand store, you'll feel better about it.
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