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  The math I live by: fashion (Doll Article)

(June 22, 2007 by BeautifulIllness Send DollMail Send Email )
I know I'm a little retro, vintage, a little rocker. But it's my style. If you don't want to use my math, that's fine. I just want to post it. Lolz.

1.) Overalls + Colorful Tube Top + Big Beady Bold Necklace + Loose Braids + Some Converse = Uber Babysitter! No really, the kids love it! The overalls and the braids bring out the kid in you while the necklace is fun and the Tube top shows some of you maturity. Go easy on the make up, peachy natural colors go great!

2.) Big Baggy Vintage Shirt (Hard Rock Cafe shirts work awesomely) Tucked in messily + a Jean Mini + Patchy Legwarmers + Converse + Side ponytail with some little bows = Old School Rocker. Yes, it is true. I do have legwarmers. But they rock! Go a little light on the lips and a little darker on the eyes, going with some browns and some Masscera on thick (not lengthy).

3.) Cute undershirt x 2 (one a solid color, preferrably white, the other printed, layering over the first one.) + some bermudas (Khaki for light colors and Jean for Dark) + Some flip-flops, any color + A tote Bag + a messy Ponytail (Bangs clipped up to form a Poof.) = Cali Mall Style. I love shopping. And there's no better place to shop than California (maybe New York...). Go very light on the eyes, but dark on the Masscera, lengthy (not thick) and a colored eyeliner rather than a solid black. (PInkish lips go a long way!)

These are just three, tell me if you like my style and I'll write more!

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Posted On: July 19, 2007
2 sounds pretty rad =]
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San Diego, CA
Posted On: July 9, 2007
wow, i love this. it's really cute!

i'll deff. bookmark this page
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Racine, PA
Posted On: July 7, 2007
I usually do number 3 not one or two I hate overalls but I but they look great on you!
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Albuquerque, NM
Posted On: June 28, 2007
That's why its called old school rocker. Lolz. Are you blind my dear? Talia_Jade can't read or something. That is very sad. Anywayz. Love your style.

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Posted On: June 28, 2007
umm... sorry, where did the 'rocker' part fit in? none of them, in my opinion, seemed rocker-ish
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 25, 2007
You have great style!

I just wish I did...

- Nikki
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