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  Hair Care For Summer (Doll Article)

(June 17, 2007 by SourLemons_____x Send DollMail Send Email ICQ AIM YIM  )
Everyone is booming about how to wear, treat, and use their hair during these hot and humid summer months. These tips will help you a lot and give you some inspiration on new ways to wear your hair and keep it un-damaged.
Ohh-kay...let's get down to the point: Hair needs to be kept in tip-top shape in the summer. I mean, really, who doesn't have hair problems during the summer? EVERYONE does. No matter what they say. It may be greasy, dry, frizzy, or flat. Here are tips to help ALL of those problems.
How To Keep Hair Moisturized
Tip 1: Don't OVER-shampoo it! This may cause it to be frizzy and very, very dry.
Instead, use enough shampoo to wash out the grime and use a little more conditioner than usual.
Tip 2: Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can find these in ALL store...try Pantene or V8...try and avoid makes your hair a little dry...
Tip 3: Use Aussie Hair Spray...even thought it makes your hair kind of greasy if you don't wash it out later, it helps to prganize your dry hair.
Tip 4: do not swim too much and over do it
Tips To Un-Grease Greasy hair
1-Make Sure All of your shamppoo and conditioner, and other hair products are washed out of your hair! This can play a big part in ANY season...
2-Use Oil-Free kinds of hair products
3-Don't touch your hair alot..
4- try not swimming in grimy pools so much
5-when you sweat, try and wash out the sweat
Tips On How Tio Keep Hair CALM
#1:spritz some hair spray on your brush and then comb it through your wet hair a couple times
#2: use frizz-free shampoo and then some stightening or volumizing conditioner
#3: make sure not to stay out in the sun for VERY VERY long periods of time
#4: brush through your hair a lot
Tips On How To Keep Hair Volumized
Number 1: keep using volumizing shampoo and conditioner
Number 2: Brush through thoroughly
Number 3: hair spray your hair and then puff it up
i hope these help...i use them a lot...

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Posted On: July 18, 2007
cool article! thanx =]
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San Diego, CA
Posted On: July 9, 2007
pft, to the girl below me. stfu!

anyways good article. ;]
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Spring Green, WI
Posted On: June 21, 2007
Very cool!
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