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Great Birthday Party Ideas @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Great Birthday Party Ideas (Doll Article)

(June 13, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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It only happens once a year. Every year, at exactly the same time, you get a year older. And with that year comes many things. You are one step closer to being a grown-up. You are one year closer (or just made it) to driving a car. You are one year closer to achieving your dreams. So how do you celebrate such an amazing day? By throwing a great birthday party, of course!

Depending on your age and your parents, you can throw lots of different kinds of parties. Small or large, coed or just girl friends, the type of party is up to you. Whatever you decide, make sure the party is something you are comfortable with and can have fun doing. It's your birthday after all!

The Great Girl Party

Girl parties are great. You round up all of your closest friends for food, drinks and gossip. The classic sleep-over is a great girl party idea. You invite your friends over, you eat until you feel sick, you watch a few favorite movies, you do each other's hair and make-up, open a few presents, make a few phone calls to boys you like, and then finally crash about 3am. The next morning you sleep in, and then laugh about all the silly games you played and reminisce about what your latest crush told your best friend on the phone.

If you like your parties to have more structure, you can try something different with your girl friends. There are always options like going to the movies or hanging out at a water park or entertainment center (you know, the ones with putt-putt, bumper cars, video games, etc…) but those don't always let you talk and stick together as much as you might like.

You might try something a bit more glamorous like a pedicure party, or even a full spa party. There are glamour specialists who will come to your house to do everyone's hair, make-up, and manicures or pedicures. You can also take your friends to your favorite hair or nail salon for the same treatment. Everyone can sit around and gossip while getting their hair and nails done. This kind of party is usually best if your group is a bit smaller, by the way. Otherwise it can get really expensive, and it's hard to get everyone dolled up if there are fifteen people waiting.

Make That Party Co-ed!

One of the nice things about growing up is the ability to have a co-ed party - if your parents are willing. Try explaining to your parents that you have a lot of guy friends who are NOT your boyfriend, but that you want to have at your celebration. That might help them relax on the idea, especially if you let them chaperone.

The hardest part about co-ed parties is finding something to do with everyone. Dance parties are always fun, but can be hard to get started if nobody wants to be first out on the dance floor. If you have a small crowd, that can make dancing even more awkward. When you have a group of guys and gals together, you might want to give the entertainment place a try. Just be sure your best girl friend doesn't try to go sneaking off with your best guy friend.

If you're worried about turning your guests loose in a large building where they might get lost or forget this party is about you, not them, keep everyone at your house. Have a modified girl party, but leave out the gossip and make-up. Your parents might make you leave out the sleeping over part, too – at least for the boys. Order pizza or make something else to eat and then watch some silly movies. Let everyone relax and be comfortable. Laugh, talk, sing, play silly games, but don't do anything that might make your parents mad.

The beauty of the birthday is it is one day that is 100% about you. You plan your party and you get to do whatever you want on that day (within reason.) If you want your boyfriend at your birthday party, by all means invite him. If you'd rather just hang out with your girlfriends, that makes perfect sense, too. Do what makes you happy and be sure to surround yourself with friends you love.

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Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On: June 13, 2007
For the past three years or so, we have been camping on my brithday, so it is weeks later or before my actual birthday. Because of this, I only invite two or three friends for a sleepover. These are great ideas, though. XD
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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 13, 2007
I have a traditional sleepover. It's famous around my town. this year I'm having a Phantom of the Opera themed party and twelve of my friends are coming over. ANyway, great article.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: June 13, 2007
Cool ideas! I normally have slumber parties!

- Nikki
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