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  Why hate Sanjaya? (Doll Article)

(June 20, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail Send Email )
Why does anybody else hate Sanjaya Malakar? The reasons some people doesn't like Sanjaya is because of his hair, his voice, and even his looks. I don't hate him, ever. I like him, because I sensed that Sanjaya is the nicest American Idol contestants I have ever seen.
Here's a little history about him;
Sanjaya is born in September 10, 1989, his birth name Sanjaya Shekar Malakar, in the Seattle metropolitan area. He spent the early years living in Snohomish County in Washington. His father Vasudeva Malakar has come to the U.S. Hare Krishna pujari, and his mother Jillian Recchi Blyth, who is the Italian American. Both of Sanjaya's parents are the followers of Vaishnava Hindu religion. When Sanjaya's 3 years old, his parents filed a divorce and has been separated for a year prior to filing for divorce. When the divorce was filed, the family had almost no money coming in. His mother and the children were living in a Seattle apartment, and her only income was from welfare. His mother remarried, but his stepfather died soon afterwards. In 1995, Malakar's middle name was changed to Joseph to honor his late grandfather Joseph Paul Recchi Sr., whom Malakar cites as his hero. Although Malakar spent the majority of his formative years in the Seattle area, he has also lived in California and Kauai, Hawaii where he performed with the Hawaii Children's Theater group. While in Seattle, he spent three years with the Total Experience Gospel Choir.

Malakar's father is a classical Indian musician. Other singers in his family include his older sister Shyamali, and his cousin Camila Recchi.

Malakar attended the Seattle Waldorf School and Northshore Junior High School for middle school in Bothell, Washington. He attended Shorecrest High School during freshman year, and Todd Beamer High School during sophomore year. After his sophomore year, Malakar passed the General Educational Development test, in order to leave high school early and focus on a music career and on his participation in American Idol.

Don't you see how he's been going through in his life? In either way he can be a good or a bad singer, all of us can sense that Sanjaya wants to have a glorious yet loving and fun life. Any questions, dollmail me. I'm Fusion_Angel20, author of the Fusion Angel series in the Dollz and Stories section.

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Posted On: June 6, 2007
I'm not fond of his singing, but I'm sure he's a great person.
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Torrance, CA
Posted On: June 6, 2007
well he's ok.......but my fave was blake. i dont like sanjaya because the only reason he made it so far was he was getting people to vote for him by doing stupid things!
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