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  Girl Power (Doll Article)

(May 03, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Girls have tremendous power. This is probably not news to you, but for once, I'm not talking about power over the opposite sex. Yes, we have what the boys seek, but that is a lesson for a different day. Today, I'm telling you girls have power over much more than just boys – girls control the internet.

How the Internet Works

Most people who are on the internet are trying to do two things. Share information and opinions or make money. Most of the time there is an overlap between the two, but occasionally not.

There are lots of people who run blogs or websites for fun because they really like something. Most of the large ones, even if they are started for fun, make money somehow. For example, I know of a certain doll website. The owner really liked dolls, so she created the site for fun. Then, because the website kept growing and getting more popular, it became more expensive to run. So the website owner started charging a little bit for premium memberships. So now, everyone has fun and nobody has to buy anything unless they want to. A lot of websites are like this.

On the other hand, some online sites don't really share much information or games but have lots to buy. Online shopping is huge, and even if you haven't bought anything online yet, you will – trust me. Books, clothes, shoes, accessories, other people's junk and more can all be bought and sold online. Some people literally make millions doing this sort of thing.

Why Girls Rule

Okay, so there are lots of people making money on the internet, but why are girls so powerful? Because they have the most money! Most of the time I never seem to have any cash. I sure don't feel like I have a lot of money, but all the girls all over the world spend way more money than the boys do. Think of all the clothes, accessories, music and movie purchases we make. It takes a lot to look as good as we do! Even if we don't spend the money ourselves, you'd better believe we're good at getting our parents or boyfriends to spend their money on us.

I'll tell you a secret. Most of the people who are trying to make money on the internet are boys or men, who are really just older boys. They are so focused on all the boy stuff out there that they totally forget about the girls and how much money we have. Usually they figure it out eventually but by then we're not interested in the same stuff as boys, so the girls can actually make or break it for the poor webmaster.

Once he realizes how many of us are out there, he should get with it and give us what we want. If not, he'll probably keep trying to treat us like female boys and eventually go out of business. Want to sell something online? Sell it to girls – we're the shoppers, right?

The Power of the Sisterhood

I'll bet you never realized how much power you have.
Your spending is making some people rich and putting others out of business. Most of the time, all of this stuff happens without anyone realizing what's going on. Sometimes though, girls can bond together and make a difference. All of the bad things that happen in the world will probably keep on happening if nobody does anything. Girls, though, can stop it.

If you find out that a website or a company is doing something illegal or bad, you'll probably tell a friend. Since girls are such big communicators, especially online, pretty soon a lot of girls know about the bad website and are posting about it in forums, blogs, MySpace accounts and sending email forwards about it. Now thousands or even millions of girls know about the issue. And what happens if they quit going to the site or all start sending letters to the webmaster or a congressman? That is way too many voices to ignore!

The biggest power of girls is not their money. Sure their money can be a huge factor online, but the real power of girlhood is the communication we do. Be open and aware of what is going on around you. If you think a website needs to improve or is doing something bad, don't spend your money there. The website may not care that they lost one sale, but they will care a whole lot more when you tell everyone you know not to shop there, and your friends tell everyone they know, and so on. Pretty soon, the website will either fix the problem or go broke. That's real Girl Power.

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Baton Rouge, LA
Posted On: May 7, 2007
goosip is so bad lol it is i do it anyway though
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Pembroke Pines, FL
Posted On: May 6, 2007
*sigh* I'm going to have to agree with others on this one. I'm a girl, and my power doesn't come from my purse, or my ability to talk about other people. It comes from inside, because I *am* a girl. You should be teaching these girls to have pride in themselves, not in fleeting things like money and gossip. Usually these articles are helpful and clever, but I really think this one has missed the mark. I don't want my little sister growing up thinking the only power she has is to buy things, that's terrible. Girls, women have much stronger power than that, and you should be writing articles about that instead. We have the power to change the world indeed, but... not that way. Please- maybe another article showing the real girl power that these young teens should be hailing?
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Posted On: May 5, 2007
this is so true, but i still gossip, verbally!!!!!lol
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Houston, TX
Posted On: May 4, 2007
thats so true too....but im not the gossiping type but who am i kidding yes i am
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Posted On: May 4, 2007
i like squirrels!! ^.^


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Willowick, OH
Posted On: May 4, 2007
So true my friends know everthing if someones gossiping -Were there
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Groom Creek, AZ
Posted On: May 4, 2007
Good job
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Posted On: May 4, 2007
We do have power...but most of them not like that...
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Madisonville, TX
Posted On: May 4, 2007
Very true and anther reason why females are getting more pwerful is becus it the 21 cetry!!! HELLO GUYS WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE WORLD AROUND U!!!!
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Fort Washington, MD
Posted On: May 4, 2007
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United Kingdom
Posted On: May 4, 2007
Loved it as per.
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Alpine, CA
Posted On: May 3, 2007
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Easton, CA
Posted On: May 3, 2007
watev im so pritty
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Sacramento, CA
Posted On: May 3, 2007
interesting artical! this is very very interesting.
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South Park Villa, WA
Posted On: May 3, 2007
interesting article!

(wow,smellybuzz has a point!)
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