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  Penyie's Summer Style Tips! (Doll Article)

(April 24, 2007 by Sparklie_Garlick Send DollMail )
So, this summer will totally be an era of high fashion. I am guessing that we may see the return of mod chic with a dash of tropical couture. I'm Penyie, fashion plate and Godess of the runway. Read on if you want to look cool and sophisticated this summer...
1. Tops: You want loose, bright, bohemian strap-tops, preferably in print such as hibiscus or palm tree leaves. With this, you can wear a wood-bead necklace and some golden bangles.
2. Pants: As I said, mod chic is coming back, dahling! So please feel free to co-ordinate a funky tee with some white trousers. An alternative for messy girls could be some sleek denim--shorts or jeans--you can decide depending on what you're more comfortable with.
3. Skirts: Gypsy skirts made a return two years ago, and there's good news for all you hippie gals out there: they're back! Take inspiration from the Hippie dollmaker and pair one with a plain vintage tee or even a tunic.
4. Dresses: LBD who? (That's little black dress for those who don't know). Now it's all about the LWD, or 'little white dress'--just the same, only in white! You could team this with a floppy black hat and bold lip stain if you fancy, but more casual girls can wear theirs with wavy, saltwashed hair and a few kitsch necklaces.
5. Shoes: From what I've seen, plaid shoes in a sneaker-like style are entering the fashion edge. Go goth girl and wear them with a completely black outfit, or with denim shorts and a plain white tee.
6. Jewelery: I've mentioned this previously, havent I? Well, want Hawaiian-style necklaces with big, chunky beads. Kitsch is cool, too! I'm talking random bits 'n' bobs strung on a carm bracelet or a silver necklace.
7. Hats: Big, floppy, chic hats are fabulous with the mentioned pieces; as are clingy, net beanies and the odd baseball cap.
Anyway, that's it. Have a nice summer, everyone! Stay stylish!

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Granada Hills, CA
Posted On: May 7, 2007
haha this makes like soooo much more sense now that i read your other article...
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Posted On: April 23, 2007
so cool and i give these tips

i this website.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 23, 2007
Great tips. And you are right on target. This what I've read in all the lastest fashion magazines.

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