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  Pixies??? (Doll Article)

(April 18, 2007 by LoveAnswer Send DollMail )
I think we should have a pixies maker!
I really like the cute pixies that the doll palace made. If you haven't seen them, go check them out! They are adorable!!! =) I think that they would be perfect for a maker! A pixies maker would be so cool! Anyone agree?

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Rockford, IA
Posted On: May 26, 2007
fairys and pixies are the same

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Flanders, NJ
Posted On: April 22, 2007
i can tell by what you guys are saying that you obviously don't know this but...go here: dolls-all.php/Pixies-and-Pixie-Dolls-gr1 19.html

that is the pixie maker. it was a good doll, and they don't need to add much more to it. instead of making new ones, it would be so much easier for them to just add new clothes and items to this one. i like those pixies. it would be good to add it.

it has nothing to do with the fairy maker. nothing!
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Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On: April 19, 2007
Jessica works her behind off on this website, and we ask for more? Will you ever be happy with what you have? We don't need any more dollmakers. let Jessica decide. She doesn't need a few members screaming selfishly for a new one.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 19, 2007
We have some pixies in they fairy maker(s)
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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 19, 2007
Even though we have two fairy makers I think a pixie maker would be good
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Pembroke Pines, FL
Posted On: April 19, 2007
Don't we already have a couple of fairy makers already in here?
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