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I Can't Read Your Profile! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  I Can't Read Your Profile! (Doll Article)

(April 03, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Got MySpace? MySpace may be one of the biggest profile based sites on the internet but there are plenty more, including here on the Doll Palace. Profiles are a lot of fun. There aren't many places where you can show who you are and what you like to do. One of the best ways to show the world your inner self is through the decorations on your profile page, but it is definitely possible to have too much of a good thing.

A Blinking Mess!

Flashing lights usually mean one thing – slow down, pay attention, or something of that nature. Cops use flashing lights and so do signs in construction zones. Another increasingly popular place for flashing lights and signs is online. Something is important to you? Say it with flashing lights!

Let's say you support our troops over in Afghanistan or Iraq. You might get a little blinkie to put on your page. It's small and flashes and lets the world know your thoughts on the matter. No problem.

Now, let's say you also support killer whales, PETA, blondes, your favorite bands, you school, your drill team, your favorite football team, your boyfriend's hockey team, your guild on World of Warcraft and the incredible, edible egg. If you get something flashing for each of those, not only will all of them lose meaning by competing with each other, but you'll also permanently damage the vision of all your friends who try to stop by and visit. Sometimes less is more – this is that time.

Squinting Action

If you're less than forty, you shouldn't be squinting. But how many times have you found yourself scrunching your eyes up at the screen trying to read someone's profile? There are reasons newspapers use black and white, people! It's easy to read and the eyes are able to focus on the letters from a distance. It's actually even better to use white on black as that makes the letter pop off the screen better than black on white.

You don't have to limit yourself to black and white unless you really like monotones, but you should avoid certain things like pale pink writing on a white background. Pale anything writing on a light background is killer on the eyes. Be sure your writing has a nice contrast with the background – blue and yellow, red and green, gray and orange are all nice eye-popping hues.

Even if your colors are fine, you might be on the verge of giving someone a seizure if your background is a big bold mess of patterns. A pattern repeating that is larger than the letters on the page can be an eye killer. The eyes are drawn all over the place trying to find letters and most visitors will leave or pass out from the headache you've caused. Keep writing on a plain surface. Save the pictures and patterns for limited areas – not the whole page.

Keep it Clean!

A final note. You may love the new song by your favorite artist, but your friends may not appreciate it if your song, complete with parent displeasing lyrics, comes blaring out of the computer every time your page loads. Be mindful that not everyone needs to expand their vocabulary in regards to human anatomy or variations of the more classic four letter words.

Your profile is all about you, and you should make it look however you want. I'm not in any position to tell you how to live your life or make your page, but I can tell you I won't read it if it gives me a headache. Choose a few meaningful blinkies and keep your theme fun but readable. After all, the whole purpose of building the thing is to make people want to visit, right?

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Colorado Springs, CO
Posted On: April 3, 2007
World of Warcraft...oh yeah. Always great!

Kinda random.

Great article. My profile is pink and black, but the text is a bit small.
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Posted On: April 3, 2007
i hate myspace...its a waste of time
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Oakland, CA
Posted On: April 3, 2007
haha "Be mindful that not everyone needs to expand their vocabulary in regards to human anatomy or variations of the more classic four letter words." funny
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Beverly Hills, CA
Posted On: April 3, 2007
Checxk Out my profile its under construction i accidenlty erased my good one...
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New Zealand
Posted On: April 3, 2007
i have a myspace profile and i think the background might give ppl seisuures but i dont mind i dont really like it i only go on like once a year and bebo it good but i think out of all my profiles on website the one on here is best^_^
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Torrance, CA
Posted On: April 3, 2007
my profile is awesome!
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Posted On: April 3, 2007
I HATE MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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