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  Amazing Things in Dollz and Stories {1} (Doll Article)

(March 30, 2007 by jokatjokat Send DollMail Send Email Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM  )
Every week or so I'll be writing up an article about the people and stories that I'm currently in love with. So check it out!
Okay. Personally, I think the most amazing stories and authors in Dollz and Stories aren't being recognized, so I'm writing this article to get the word out about how good they are.

Personal Favorite Author of the Moment:
fettacheesex3/xFORGOTTONsongs (I think?)

Why? :
Her stories are really creative. All of the characters are very realistic, and she has a very unique way of telling the story through the character's eyes. Kelli 911, the story of a new girl trying to be invisible but writing for the advice column for the school's newspaper at the same time, is very original. Kelli Lynn is a character that anyone can relate to at all times. Then there's A Thought, the story of a teen who begins talking to her subconscious while denying that her mom has a dr*ug problem, is more than creative. Casey (her real name) makes it easy to distinguish which is Alanna and which is her subconcious, A, while guiding the reader through the school year leading up to when both mother and daughter finally admit something's going on. And she's just started a new series, The Art of Faith, about a teen raising her five year old sister and going to school and living in an abusive household all at once. I can't wait to see just what she comes up with next!

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Saint Johns, AZ
Posted On: April 22, 2007
Other then realistic stories, what about fantasy, horror, sci-fi, comedy, etc. etc. etc.? Will you be "favoriteing" them as well?
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