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Cell Phones: The Ultimate Accessories? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Cell Phones: The Ultimate Accessories? (Doll Article)

(March 26, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Cell Phone - Intro
I love my phone. My friends are on speed dial which means I can get in touch with anyone at anytime. Even when phones are technically against the rules, I can still text a few messages to stay on top of things. To dress up my phone, I've found a few different covers I like, and I alternate them depending on mood. The red cover is for spicy days, the yellow is for cheerful days and the black is for the more basic day.

The phone goes everywhere with me, including school, work and the car. I really would feel lost without it, and I notice that others must feel the same way. As much as I love my phone, however, I have noticed recently that some people might be taking cell phone ownership to an entirely new level.

Cell Phone - Advanced Phone

Cell Phone Wars

Now, I'm not going to lie. I have a pretty decent phone. I change ring tones occasionally and can access the internet if I wanted to, although I don't. (I'd rather spend my minutes elsewhere.) My phone isn't top of the line, but it gets the job done. For other people, including some of my friends, cell phones are more like jewelry. The must have the latest and the greatest, and then they find a way to show it off.

I don't know how many times I've watched someone make a very grand gesture of checking messages and just "happen to mention" that their new phone cost $350 and how their parents will just DIE if they lose it. Frankly, if I were a parent on the verge of death, I don't think I'd trust a $350 phone to the particular girl I'm thinking of, but I digress.

Unfortunately this trend is much like any other. My car is better than yours. You're still wearing THOSE? I can't believe your parents won't buy you one of THESE phones; they are so much better! Girls will be catty at times, and cell phone wars aren't any different.

Cell Phone - Rude Hillary Duff

Cell Phone Rudeness

Show-offs aside, I have noticed a few other things that drive me nuts about people and phones. I should point out that I try very hard not to do these things since I complain about others doing them.

    The Screamer – Why does she think we all need to hear the entire conversation? This girl doesn't just talk on the phone, she practically screams on it. These people also seem to be in places where you just don't want to be forced to listen to their conversation anyway – like in a very long line.

    Stall Talkers – Okay, I've gotten one or two of these calls before. Yes, perhaps you have a chance to sit down for a few minutes in a bathroom stall, but can't you just read graffiti like a normal person instead of calling your nearest and dearest friends while…um…in the act? A toilet flushing in the middle of your tribute to your newest crush just seems to take away the meaning somehow.

    Cell Phone - Screaming
    The Stopper – You're walking through the mall or at school and it happens. The person in front of you is having some sort of deep conversation on the phone, or the phone rings, and they stop. Instantly. And half the time you practically run into them or bump into someone else avoiding running into them. The best part? The stopper just keeps standing there in the middle of traffic, oblivious to all the people that now have to go around her.

    The Princess – When you're on the phone, the world does not wait for you. So why do some people think it should? How often have you heard, "Hold on, I have to take this," in the middle of a moving sob story or maybe while you're just hanging out together. Then, because you apparently have nothing better to do than sit around and wait on her highness to finish giggling on the phone with someone else, your "friend" talks forever and says, "No wait! I'll be off in a second," every time you try to leave.

Cell Phone - Summary
I would hope that nobody out there is guilty of these cell phone crimes, and if you are, perhaps now you realize just how rude they are. We've all done silly or rude things from time to time, but that should just motivate us to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Cell phones are great, don't get me wrong, but they should never come before a real person or a real friendship. They are supposed to help build friendships, not put them on hold.

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Posted On: March 26, 2007
i don't have a cell phone. it's not like anyone actually needs one, really, just use the house phone!!
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Posted On: March 26, 2007
Yeah people are annoying sometimes....

My phone cost $800 :-o I didn't/don't have to pay for it tho
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Staten Island, NY
Posted On: March 26, 2007
oh i so agree with some things here

here's another annoyance with phones how bout that device that lets these darn kids make a private conversation to a walkie talkie and they have the volume loud as can be.

I also have another annoyance with phones since i'm a cashier at a retail store why oh why are these mom's who want to check out (as fast as possible i might add but that's another annoyance of mine) always chatting on the phone and i'm trying to let them know about our great deals when they open up out charge card.

Now hear this this is exactly what i would love to do to these people on their cell phones HELLO !!!!!

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Erwin, TN
Posted On: March 26, 2007
No pone. My friend's little cousin calls them that and I've called them that ever since. The only pones here are a razor for my mom and a track pone that swaps between me and my dad. Sad I know. However I do talk on the house pone a lot.
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Staten Island, NY
Posted On: March 26, 2007
i love my phone... i ahve the pink razr it pretty awesome... but only use it when i really have to talk to someone or if someone relle has to tallk to me... but if im in the middle of a conversation... i ignore the call and call them back when it's a better time... lol... that sounds mean... but relle, is it more rude to blow off the person ur talking to in person or not answer the phone to a person who doesnt kno if ur there or not?

and i dont use my house phone... my parents r always on it... its easier to use the cell.
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Weston, MO
Posted On: March 26, 2007
Lol, nice article. I'd probably spend a few more minutes reading it if I knew how to work a cell phone without exploding it or something. xD
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Andrew, IL
Posted On: March 26, 2007
yeah i really like my cell phone--it works fine and its waaayy small

it looks like a "Cingular Go Phone" but it doesnt have the pay-as-u-go part

its just the regular phone w/out the pay-as-u-go part

anyway its a pantech and is plain silver veryyy small can fit in the palm of my hand...i think its really cute

has an "E" charm on it for emily (dur my name is emily_lou on tdp...hint?) the phone has a huge screen on the front--it says the time n w/e

the cutest part is the small teeny buttons

it has a built in camera in it--and can make sounds when taking 3-2-1 , smile! , and the snap shot sound

i really like it==has really new ringtones on it

it works...and its all that matters!!!
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Posted On: March 26, 2007
i like having my celly...but i can live without it. I usualy text message instead of call
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