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  Posers??? (Doll Article)

(March 20, 2007 by bestchick1 Send DollMail Visit Website AIM YIM  )
SO everyone knows people on avatar chat says, "On my sis's account" or are they really? I have spent time on avatar chat researching it. Please read on to the article for more information.
Most of the time the guys are saying they are on their sister's account or even lieing of their age. I'm not saying we all lie about one thing or another-hair color, hieght, simple stuff no one cares about-, but if you want to get girls/guys don't be the opposite sex. Around 50% of users on The Doll Palace site are posing as somebody they are not. Some may disagree with me, but I've done my looking around and snooping. I will not name names of posers I have found, and will not accuse you before I have proof or you tell me. Please DollMail me @ bestchick1 if you have any more questions, and I will be back with more information. Thank You for reading my article.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: April 20, 2007
im not a fake, i admit it, im 14 v. short 4"10 and i have curly brown hair, and besides wats da point of lying cuz its stpid
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Castle Rock, CO
Posted On: March 31, 2007
Theres a stalker here too. When I go profile browsing, this guy ALWAYS posts the SAME message. He's like, 40 and it's rlly creepy... 0.o
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Reno, NV
Posted On: March 27, 2007
no i'm saying some people are...i'm not accusing anybody who shares an account, i'm saying about people who i KNOW that they're posing, ya know? Besides if u share an account u could pose but i'm not accusing anybody by names or pointing fingers.
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Broken Arrow, OK
Posted On: March 26, 2007
So basically you're saying that I'm fake and pretending to be a guy because I share my account with a guy?
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Posted On: March 24, 2007
whats the point about lieing about why your on the site the point is your on the site

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