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  Single Sex Schools (Doll Article)

(March 09, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Same Sex Schools
Like all things school, teachers can't ever seem to make up their minds. First it was testing and now its boys. Do we need them in school? A lot of teachers, administrators, and politicians are starting to think that schools with all boys or all girls are better than the coed ones most kids attend. There are lots of reasons for and against single sex schools, and nobody seems to be winning the fight. More and more schools are making the switch, but it's still up for debate if it's really working or not.

The Reasoning

The rationale behind single sex schools actually has little or nothing to do with socializing or dating. It has more to do with the way the brain works. Girl brains are totally different than boy brains. While this may seem like common sense to us, scientists are apparently just now proving it. Boys see and hear worse than girls do and girls have a connection between the expression and emotional parts of their brain. We know what we are feeling and why. Boys don't. (And doesn't that explain a lot.)

Since we have different brains than the Y-chromosome half of the room, we like to learn differently. Girls can sit in a group, visit and get work done. Boys can't. They either work or they visit. They can't do both. Boys are also more competitive than girls. If a teacher gives you a time limit it might stress you out and make you do worse than if you were able to take your time. Boys actually do better with a time limit. Weird, I know.

The Resistance

The number one resistance of this plan, at a high level, is that boys and girls won't be able to socialize enough. Learning to work with people of the opposite sex is a crucial life skill since almost every job involves dealing with members of the opposite sex, not to mention almost every romantic relationship. Some teachers dislike the idea because a classroom full of wild boys or catty girls doesn't interest them or terrifies them. Other politicians resist because they feel single sex classrooms are too similar to the pattern of "Separate but Equal" African Americans lived with for centuries. (Although who would be favored is yet to be determined.)

Same Sex Schools

And the Kids?

It's a toss up as to what kids think about the situation. Those girls or boys who already attend classes in an all-girl or all-boy school love it, hate it, or don't really care. The same can be said for those in a coed classroom. A lot has to do with personality and preferences. It has been shown though, in a majority of cases that grades and test scores go up without members of the opposite sex around.

Teachers are able to treat and teach girls the way they learn best, and likewise for the boys. Many students respond to this, but for others, having to do without someone interesting to look at during class makes them cringe. Unfortunately, kids get little say in this sort of thing, and single sex schools or classrooms may be coming to your school as soon as next year are you ready?

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Weston, MO
Posted On: March 9, 2007
I think that coed schools are a good idea, ditto what smanthatclause said. Maybe alternating them throughout school-life would work?
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