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She Did What?!? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  She Did What?!? (Doll Article)

(February 23, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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We all make mistakes, even if we don't like to admit it, but some people are unfortunate enough to have their mistakes on display to the world 24/7. These poor girls live their lives in the spotlight which is as glamorous as it gets most of the time, but that glamour must be taken with a few lumps. It can be tough to live with the camera in your face all day, every day, but some girls tend to handle it gracefully, and others….don't.


Poor Brittany. She was once the object of our admiration and she is now the object of our fascination. What in the world will she do next? There was a 24 hour marriage to a friend from Louisiana. Then she married K.Fed. She had a couple of babies back to back who were almost dropped a few times and got to ride illegally in her lap, but then the babies faded into the background. Brittany dumped Kevin and is making headlines all her own these days.

She can't seem to get into a car without the world getting a peep show, and she certainly seems to be having quite a party with her new friends.

There were rumors she had checked into a rehabilitation center in the Bahamas, but was out again in less than a day because she "didn't like it." (I wonder who does like rehab?)

Finally, her latest gossip inducing activity involved a razor and a tattoo parlor. Brittany went to a tattoo parlor for a new little tattoo, and revealed to the world that she has shaved her head. Apparently, she did the shaving herself at an upscale salon in the area prior to heading off for a new tattoo. If female crew cuts are the latest style, excuse me while I take a pass on it.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole

Anna is a lot like a car accident. You hate the results and you worry about everyone involved, but everything surrounding it is fascinating. Anna, or Vickie Lynn Marshall, had a short, but very full life by the time she mysteriously died this February. While the jury is still out on what exactly caused her death, Anna has been in the spotlight for over ten years straight.

First she married an 89-year-old oil tycoon who happened to be worth about half-a-billion dollars. She was only 26 at the time. When he passed soon after the wedding, Anna got into a major fight with the family over his estate. The fight was still going on at the time of her mysterious death.

Anna had one son, Daniel Smith, until September when she had a new daughter. A few days following Dannielynn's birth, Daniel died from his own set of mysterious causes. To say that Anna Nicole was devastated would be an understatement. Anna withdrew from the public eye, and during this time met her own unfortunate end. It is a sad thing to see anyone die, and especially someone as vivacious and fun as Anna.

Unfortunately, Anna's drama did not end with her death. Her daughter Dannielynn is only a few months old, but up to five men are claiming her as their daughter. Apparently Anna was really a great deal of fun to be around – and the huge fortune that Dannielynn may be inheriting doesn't hurt things either.

Dannielynn's future is tied up in court at the moment along with her future fortune. Anna's will was not updated to include Dannielynn, and Anna apparently left everything to her son who is now deceased. Even Anna's body is tied up in court (figuratively, not literally) as they try to figure out where to bury it and who is able to claim it. Anna's life was lived in extremes. And, unfortunately for everyone involved, the extremes keep on coming.

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San Diego, CA
Posted On: February 24, 2007
I heard from my mommy that when women cut their hair, they are going through issues. Britney is definitely going through issues.
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Posted On: February 23, 2007
All these this are so sad!
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Posted On: February 23, 2007
You gotta read!

Personally I feel srry for Anna & Britany.

I'm related to Britany by my dad's ex-wife

she died last year in June.

Anna hated her

mom,she said herself on Tv.

Paris,well either she's blonde,

drunk,or both...

mostly both.

Think what u all say,Kingdomheartsk

ur 1 of the one's who seems to look

on the bright side.We should all see

someone as an example sometimes.

To what I know I hear being a Celeb

is a tiring job. That's prob,why

Anna died,she may have killed herself

because she couldn't take it.
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: February 23, 2007
I think Britney is an idiot. I absolutely HATE her. I didn't even hear about Anna until they reported that she died. Brit was everywhere. I couldn't go anywhere without seeing something about her. It was annoying.
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Plymouth, MI
Posted On: February 23, 2007
I've never been able to understand why people look up to some celebrities as their idols or role models...I truthfully believe it's so much better to just be yourself!
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Posted On: February 23, 2007
aww poor dannielynn i feel bad 4 britney my gosh cant she get some privicy 4 once. i hope she has a great life and i hope she wont push it to the edge and end up like anna. it makes me want to cry
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Posted On: February 23, 2007
i like it
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 23, 2007
Good article. It's great to have an update on all these things.

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Bon Air, VA
Posted On: February 23, 2007
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