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Finding Someone Special @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Finding Someone Special (Doll Article)

(February 20, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Got love? While it would be wrong to say that everyone wants someone special in their life, a lot of people are interested in finding someone special. Of course wanting and getting are two totally different things. Just how do you land a boyfriend?

Be Friendly

The easiest way to make members of the opposite sex take interest is to just be friendly. Smile a lot, laugh, and be sociable. If you are pretty shy most of the time, boys might think that means you aren't talking because you don't like them. Find a way to make sure everyone knows you are engaged in the conversation, even if you let everyone else talk and you just smile at the right times. Guys like girls who can have a good time, so simply enjoy yourself as often as you can.

Flirt, Baby, Flirt!

If there is a certain boy who has definitely caught your eye, you can always unleash some of the age old flirting techniques. Flirting seems to come naturally to some girls, but is hard for others. Don't worry; the same is true for boys. Some boys have no problem taking a chance and talking to a girl. Other boys need a bit of encouragement. That is where you have to take charge.

Look at him until he meets your eyes and then smile. If that seems too much to bear, look at him, wait for him to look at you and then just look down. He'll know you were looking, and if he "catches" you a few times a day, he'll have a pretty good idea you want to get to know him a bit better. Find a reason to talk to him. Ask him about the homework assignment (even if you know everything about it.) You certainly don't have to play dumb, but a simple, "Hey, did we have homework in math today?" can start a conversation.

Be Comfortable and Classy

Don't change for a boy. If you like jeans and t-shirts don't let anyone try to talk you into wearing short skirts and dresses. On the flip side, if you like to dress up, don't start wearing sweats because you think it will catch a jock's eye. Wear what makes you feel good. If you feel good, chances are you'll look good, too. Play around and find cute, but comfy outfits here on the Doll Palace.

Of course, we all know boys are visual "learners." However, you are interested in only one (okay, maybe two) boys Ė not the male half of the school and every other male on the planet. You don't need to put your assets on display. If you think a skimpy outfit will catch his eye, you're probably right. The only drawback is that it will catch just about every eye in the building. It's better to wear something flattering and stylish than have to worry about bending too far over or keeping everyone from getting a sneak peek down your shirt.

Don't Settle

Okay, you want a boyfriend. Hopefully you aren't one of the girls that are so desperate for a second half you'll settle for anyone who gives you attention. You are in a position to be picky. Find guys that interest you and that make you feel comfortable. If you dislike a guy or are embarrassed to be around him, why would you go out with him? It can be very awkward to tell a guy no, but it's better to let him know upfront you aren't interested in him romantically than to hurt his feelings more by breaking up with him in a few weeks.

You know this already, but no girl ever needs to offer a boy more than she is comfortable with to keep or get him as her boyfriend. There is someone for everyone out there, and things will work out for you in time. It might be hard to wait for your perfect boyfriend while everyone else seems to be part of a couple, but when you do find someone special, your relationship will be deeper and more meaningful for having waited for just the right guy to come along.

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Posted On: February 21, 2007
good advice
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Bon Air, VA
Posted On: February 21, 2007
thank you soooo much! i need good boy advice.

p.s. they don't always lie!
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Baltimore, MD
Posted On: February 21, 2007
I have to agree.
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: February 21, 2007
I want a boyfriend so badly. My friends and are in competition of who gets a BF first. I have one specific guy and it would appear that a few, five at most like me.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 21, 2007
WOW great artical and of course great advice
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Posted On: February 21, 2007
Very,very good advices
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Plymouth, MI
Posted On: February 21, 2007
Third to comment

Good Article
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Posted On: February 20, 2007
Yay second...ok somewhat third. Good article!
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New Zealand
Posted On: February 20, 2007
yay love it
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