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  Boy....friend (Doll Article)

(February 11, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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You look around the room and notice someone looking at you. You meet his eyes and instantly look away. Why is he looking at you? What does it mean? Could he like you? And most importantly of all Ė what if you don't like him THAT way?

Boy Trouble

While there are tons of magazines and even books on dealing with boys that you are already dating, there isn't much out there about boys who you don't really want to date. It seems like there is much more that can be confusing and stressful before dating than after. I'm not saying the anticipation and excitement of crushes is not fun, but it can be really messy, too.

In a perfect world, you like him and he likes you. You flirt a little, you talk a little, you text a little. Eventually you start hanging around each other and claim to be boyfriend and girlfriend. This is all well and good. What happens though, when it doesn't work out in such a neat little mold?

Far from Perfect

He likes you, you like some other guy. He's really nice, and you don't want to hurt his feelings, so what do you do? Or, you like a boy a little bit, but not enough to want to be his girlfriend. You like having him around, and don't want to lose his company. Do you have to go out with him?

The answer to this, of course, is NO! You can make it all the way through school and never go out with anyone. That is perfectly okay and even more normal than you may think. You can simply be friends, maybe even best friends, with guys. Believe it or not, most boys have interesting things to say and think having friends who is girls are pretty neat.

The Guy Friend

The guy friend can be more complicated than a friendship with a girl. People might assume you are together when you really are not, and future boyfriends of yours (or girlfriends of his) might feel like they have to compete with you. Anyone with a guy friend can tell you it can be sticky, but it's well worth it. Besides, the longer you hang out, the more everyone knows the truth about your friendship.

Boys tend to be a bit blunter than girls. They don't play games and they don't stab each other in the back (usually.) They don't ask you hard questions about how their pants fit. Usually, they just tell jokes, talk about normal stuff, and hang out the same way most girls do.

Want a Guy Friend?

If you've got a boy that you want to get to know better, the best thing to do is be honest. Tell him that you aren't really interested in romance if he is. You might also let him know that you would rather be good friends than have to deal with the drama of a breakup and anything your parents might dish out. Any decent guy will respect that.

If a guy doesn't seem interested in romance, but you just think he's funny or nice, that doesn't mean you have to start planning your wedding. You don't want to marry all your funny girlfriends do you? Just start hanging out with his group of friends or partner up in class for a project. Treat him the same way you would treat your girlfriends. Tell a joke, laugh, and be friendly. Pretty soon, you'll know him as well as you know your best friend, and that kind of friendship is well worth any effort.

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Mission Hills, CA
Posted On: February 11, 2007
I have a friend who is a boy ^.^
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 11, 2007
having a great guy friend is way better than having lots of gal friends

since im doing engineering at uni, im going to be in a mainly guy class (like i was in my technology over my GCSEs) - and guys are really fun to hang out with. You can have a joky "arguement" with them, and they wont hate you

But, they do get to think of you as a guy, and they sometimes punch you in a teasing way on the arm, forgetting that what may not hurt for them can hurt a girl.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 11, 2007
great artical

i have LOADS of friends that are boys but i don't have a boyfriend..... im happy with out a bf

third comment
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Posted On: February 11, 2007
perfect topic i love it! a guy sometime could be better than a girl friend! but just sometime... nowadays people afraid from true feelings and easier to be just friend than lovers, because of the lot of problems that the jealous couse even two lovers can be friends for years, cause they afraid to tell the true to each other, not to lose him/her...

A good and true freind is more-more-more important, than a lover!
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Columbia, SC
Posted On: February 11, 2007
wow cool
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