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  Cliques? (Doll Article)

(February 07, 2007 by valary101 Send DollMail Send Email )
if your lately asking how do i decorate cliques
how do i get people to visit my cliques
and what are some recomended cliques then .......
dollmail me about the docorating cliques
but you get people to your clique by going in avatar chat
and making friends then ask tthem to join your clique or doll
mail certain clique owners asking to put them in your links
and by putting dolls in fashionshows that advertize your clique
name id be willing to put a few cliques in my links just so i could
build up my links so dollmail me

some recomended cliques are

Visit this awesome clique

a clique against dirty dolls named DADD

an html clique to help you with html

Visit the Non_Labelers Clique on The Doll Palace

and thats all i recomend


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