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  Snow White (Doll Article)

(January 29, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Princess Dolls
Perhaps the most distorted of all the Grimm's fairy-tales is Snow White. The movie version of Snow White was one of the first full-length animated films ever created. Unfortunately, almost half of the original story was completely left out!

Another Evil Stepmother

We all know Snow White was a beautiful young girl with a wicked and vain stepmother. The queen would sit at her mirror and ask about her own beauty. When she learned that Snow White had grown to be the most beautiful in the land, the evil queen was furious. According to the Brothers Grimm, Snow White was only eight years old at the time.

The evil stepmother then decides the only solution is to have a huntsman take Snow White away and kill her. Of course, the huntsman can't do it and brings back a wild pig's heart instead. In the older version of the tale, the evil queen then pickles and eats the heart thinking she has eaten the heart of Snow White. Lovely.

The Little Men

Snow White wanders in the forest and finds a little home that is perfectly clean. Yes, the movie had it all wrong. Snow White makes herself at home and the dwarves accept her right away. Her job is to keep things neat and tidy while they work in the mine all day. In return, they will be sure she never wants for anything.

In Hot Pursuit

The stepmother quickly discovers Snow White is still alive and sets off to deal with her death once and for all. Here the movie quickly falls away from the original story. In the time of the original story, all the women and girls wore stays or corsets. The evil queen disguises herself as a peddler and goes to the dwarfs' house. She offers Snow White beautiful stay laces and when Snow White accepts, the queen-in-disguise offers to lace Snow White's stays. She, of course, laces them too tightly and Snow White passes out.

When the dwarves come home, they find Snow White unconscious, but are able to cut the laces and wake Snow White up. They warn her that the peddler was the queen in disguise and not to let her in the house again.

Appealing to Vanity

The queen tries her little trick again, but this time with a poisoned comb. Snow White tries to be good and keep the peddler/stepmother out, but is drawn in by the beautiful comb. The evil peddler woman offers to comb Snow White's hair with it, and like a ninny, Snow White agrees. Of course, the poison works immediately and Snow White falls down, seemingly dead.

Fortunately for Snow White, the dwarves come home almost immediately after this and wake her up by removing the comb. They scold her and tell her to not be fooled again.

Her Undoing

Naturally, the queen finds out Snow White is STILL alive, so she tries one last evil deed. She poisons one side of a beautiful apple and visits Snow White for a third time. Snow White, who is obviously not the sharpest mind around, agrees to share the apple with the old woman. Snow White gets the poisoned side. One bite later, Snow White is on the floor, not breathing.

This time, when the dwarves come home, they are unable to see why Snow White is dead. They mourn her for three days and finally create a glass coffin for her so they can look at her beauty that even death didn't diminish. She lies in the coffin for a long time until a prince happens to spend the night with the dwarves as part of his journey. The prince sees the young Snow White and decides he must have her Ė literally. He convinces the dwarves to let him have the glass coffin and its dead occupant.


As the prince's servants are carrying Snow White's coffin away, they trip over a tree root. This jars Snow White and makes the apple fall out of her mouth.She opens the lid of the coffin and tries to figure out what is going on. The prince is thrilled that his dead beauty is now alive and takes her away to marry. (One would hope she slept for years since she was only eight to begin with.)

In true fashion, the old tale does not end here. After their wedding, Snow White and her prince throw a huge party. The old stepmother happens to ask her magic mirror who is the most beautiful and is shocked to hear that the new queen is more beautiful than she is. She considers staying home and pouting, but decides to check out the competition herself.

Unfortunately for the old queen, Snow White was expecting her. Iron shoes had been heated in the fire until they were red hot. The wicked stepmother was forced to put the shoes on and dance until she fell down dead. Let's hope this style of dance was not typical at wedding celebrations of the time.

The Lesson

There are almost too many lessons to count in this particular tale. The most obvious is the danger of vanity as demonstrated by both the queen and Snow White. It's also pretty clear that not following the instructions of your elders, in this case, the dwarves, is bad for your overall health. Finally, Snow White takes a pretty big hit for being just plain stupid. After all, most girls would figure the peddler woman out after the first murder attempt. At least, I hope they would.

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Jacksonville, FL
Posted On: August 11, 2007
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Sadieville, KY
Posted On: April 14, 2007
I like the origanal version of the story best but the other one is good too!
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Indian Springs, AL
Posted On: April 6, 2007
I remember my mom reading me this version when I was 4...
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United Kingdom
Posted On: March 16, 2007
ho got married at 8???????????

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Omaha, NE
Posted On: March 14, 2007
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Hopkinsville, KY
Posted On: March 6, 2007
I like both versions of the story.

I don't mean to pop anyone's bubble, but the reason why Disney makes classic stories like Snow White and Cinderella so sugar-coated is to make them more apporpriate and likeable for little kids--as in four-year-olds and five-year-olds. Disney's target audience with those movies--as well as the other Disney Princess films--is four, five, and six-year olds, not 16 year old teenagers. Just thought I'd say that.
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Greece, NY
Posted On: February 27, 2007
i like both of the stories
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Posted On: February 24, 2007
wow my mother would kill me ig I was eight and got married
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Kerrville, TX
Posted On: February 18, 2007
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Kerrville, TX
Posted On: February 18, 2007
who gets married at 8???? yeah well there are girls out there that get pregnant at 8
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Jamaica, NY
Posted On: February 17, 2007
This is way better than thhe disney because they are always to sweet, I heard about the bbelt somewhere though but not the rest.
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: February 12, 2007
My mom read a story many moons ago that had a princess get married when she was 3 and the KING she was supposed to marry sent a servant to do the thing for him. And we think 8 is wrong, talk about some pre-teen pregnancy.
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Posted On: February 10, 2007
Who gets married when their 8?
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South Park Villa, WA
Posted On: February 3, 2007
I've heard this version before,but I don't remember the eat the heart thing that was nasty .I like the brothers grimm vers. better the disney ones are sugar coated,thats how they got on my nerves a bit.

I hope there are more stories to come & btw I couldn't comment on the cinderella one.
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Vinton, IA
Posted On: February 2, 2007
in another version the stepmother eats the liver and intestines GROSS!!!!!

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