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Big, Little, Healthy @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Big, Little, Healthy (Doll Article)

(January 26, 2007 by support Send DollMail )
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Skinny ModelsBy now we all know there is no perfect size. Sure, models might want to wear a size zero, and the average size (for women) in the United States is around a twelve or fourteen. Does that make either size better? Nope. Actually, it doesn't matter what size you wear, it all boils down to how healthy you are.

You and your best friend might be exactly the same height. You might even be exactly the same weight, but it is very possible you wear different sizes. Clothing size is not an indication of anything except what a certain manufacturer sticks on a label and how your bones are arranged.

Big Bones and Little Bones

Skinny ModelsIt sounds silly, but we really all have different bone structure and frames. "Big-Boned" might sound like a code name for being overweight, but it isn't. Some girls literally have bigger bones than others. An easy way to tell is to compare wrists. There is very little extra meat on the wrist, so those with larger bones will probably have a larger wrist. Rib cages and shoulders are another easy way to tell. Girls with broad shoulders might have a larger frame overall. The same goes for thicker rib cages.

Muscle and Meat

Even if all of our bones were identical, we would still be totally different. Everybody has different amounts of muscle mass and meat on different parts of their body. Just look around any classroom and it's pretty obvious how genetics can play a part in who gets more up top and who gets more on their bottom. Genetics play a huge role in how your body is distributed, but exercise can, too.

Athletes can build up muscle, and depending again on genetics, they might get a bit bulky, or they might get streamlined. Most girls have streamlined muscles helping them stay thin, but some muscles, such as the quadriceps in your thighs can bulk up. If you don't believe me check out the Olympic speed skaters. They have tons of muscle in their legs, but need it for the raw power it gives them.

Weight or Size?

Skinny ModelsSo what is the best indicator of how healthy you are? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your weight or size. You can be a size two and still be totally unhealthy. Being healthy boils down to lots more than fitting into a certain pair of jeans. What you eat, when you eat it, and how much you exercise are big indicators.

Some girls are blessed with fast metabolisms. They are slender and attractive with no work at all. Unfortunately, these girls might also be completely unhealthy. It really just depends on how they are eating and if they are making it a point to exercise and get some healthy muscles. It seems weird, but sometimes girls who work hard at eating a healthy diet and exercising to lose weight might be healthy than their skinny counterparts.

That is not to say thin girls are unhealthy. A lot of girls who are naturally thin are athletic and take good care of their bodies. Likewise, girls who try to lose weight by not eating anything or eating a little bit of junk everyday are totally unhealthy.

Am I Healthy?

Healthy WomenIf you are concerned about your weight, size, or general health, you should visit with your doctor. Since weight or size don't have much to do with being healthy, you should discuss your BMI with your doctor. There are some websites that calculate BMI for children and teens, but unlike adults, teenagers are still developing and growing so be sure you don't calculate an adult BMI. Your doctor is your absolute best resource for all your health questions. Don't be shy about talking to her either; she wants to help you be healthy.

You can always visit new Doll Palace »Health Forum to discuss your concerns or opinions about health issues.

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Dayton, OH
Posted On: January 26, 2007
luv the articale
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