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  New Year's Reselotions for you! (Doll Article)

(January 21, 2007 by zyxwvuts13 Send DollMail )
Still haven't thought of a resolution? Well It's not too late! Here are a bunch that can be perfect for you!

*Eat more heathy foods.
*Get more exercise.
*Work harder at school.
*Quit biting your nails!!!
*Help more around the house (must get paid of course!)
*Make new friends.
*Join a new club or sports activities.
*Work for your enviroment or community (perfect for people in middle school who need community service hours)
*Be nicer to sibling(s)
*Quit biting pencils/pens.
*Start your own club.

Good luck with your new year's reolutions! DM (DOLL MAIL) me if you have any other ideas!

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