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  Mermaid Stories (Doll Article)

(January 13, 2007 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail Send Email )
Ready for more mermaid stories in 2007? Well, when you read this article, I'll tell you all about mermaids!
In Dollz and Stories, we read almost every mermaid story written by every authors. Some good, some bad, and some weird, but anyways...
I myself wrote mermaid stories. I finished one and currently writing two more mermaid stories.
My first mermaid story is called Mermaid Magic. It's both adventure and romance story. It's about a 17 year-old teenager named Tara who wanted to become a professional swimmer but she cannot breathe and see underwater and she wishes she can. Until she meets Nathaniel, who is a merman and a prince of the underwater kingdom, her life changed forever when she turns into a mermaid! However, when the vizier and his son Ivan arrived at the kingdom, he arranged a marriage between Nathaniel and Tara to destroy peace of human land and sea! Will they stop the evil vizier?
My second mermaid story (currently writing) is called Pearl's Mermaid. Like Mermaid Magic, it's a romance story. It's about a beautiful mermaid named Erin who is under a terrible danger in the hands of Xemma, the evil sea witch who wants to kill her because she is jealous of her natural beauty. Pearl, the guardian of the sea, sent by Poseidon (or Neptune in roman mythology), rescued Erin and placed her in a human land and turns her into a human for her safety. She also saved Mona, a mermaid captured by the Ice Prince Yahtor, who wants her as his bride. Pearl turns Mona into a human and asks her a favor of keeping an eye on Erin and the human prince Felix in case Xemma might have found Erin.
My third mermaid story (currently writing) is called Mermaid Catcher. It's about Mina Garfield who wanted to become an explorer but her father gets in the way of her future goal by arranging a marriage her and the son of the rich family James Feathertop. When Teresa, Mermaid of Pink Pearls, meets Mina, she asks her to save merfolk and the lives of the people from Sirens.
I don't just write mermaid stories, I write other things like my series called Enchanted (currently in second season), The Maid That Sold Her Barley, Thanksgiving Flowers and Romance, Christmas Love, and Angelic Dreams (currently writing).
If you have any questions or like to share me something, contact me at Dollmail. Thanks for read this article!

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Vancouver, WA
Posted On: January 12, 2007
Awesome! i absilutly luv mermaids, i am a total fan, can't wait until i get to read them!!! LOL!
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