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  Stereotypes- What's the big deal? (Doll Article)

(January 12, 2007 by coolchic16 Send DollMail Send Email Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM  )
Discussing stereotypes and my opinion on why they came to be.
Stereotypes- the thing we love to hate, and yet they're still as strong as ever! I think that stereotypes are wrong and should not be in place, but think about the stereotypes. All people within a certain stereotype have at least one thing in common. Take the "Jock" stereotype, for instance. All of them love to play sports. That's more of a title of interest than a "stereotype". So stereotypes were put inplace to define the people in them. The only reason why stereotypes are deemed "bad" is because the people in them have become snotty and exclusive. Think about it- If everyone was nice and we had stereotypes, it would be more of a group thing than "stereotypes".

This is the definition of "stereotype". Stereotype- "a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group." Doesn't sound so bad, does it? It just that when everyone became cliquey, the whole system of peace shut down. I don't know what stereotype started it or any of that arguement, but I honestly believe that stereotypes are just titles of interest . That doesn't mean they're right, either.

So, in all, The first step to ending stereotypes is to just be nice. I'm certaintly not in the "preppy" or "jock" crowd, but there's a guy at my school who's really nice to me anyway. I think that if everyone just ended the hostilities, we'd have a better, less stressful time in this world.

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Puyallup, WA
Posted On: August 30, 2007
I dread stereotypes...

Especially people who say i am a "Goth,Punk or Emo" person.

i'm just myself and if you can't face the facts,get over it.
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Posted On: January 19, 2007
yes but u cant classify all people because then all the world would all be split up except for the few ppl who dont stereotype.. i mean, im a rebel and a punk and im part goth, part w/e im just freaky, and my best friend ever is completely goth. i dont care who ppls are as long as theyre nice to other ppl and are who they are for themselves not just posers who act like that to be cool. I noticed alot of ppl at my school are "becoming" AKA acting goth just so that more ppl will like them. thats just insane. my friend is like flipping out because shes who she is and ppl are trying to exploit gothic ppl.
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Posted On: January 14, 2007
steroetypes are here becuz we let them be. we feed into these things we hear them so often that we dont think about it we just react. baggy jeans = bad kids short dress or skirt shes a ho we all judge people by first looks opened minded folk will judge but still give you a chance and closed minded folk will judge and stick to it. we forget that only god will judge us becuz right now fame and fortune are so important that we forget that just saying hi and have a nice day to a stranger is the most important thing. stereotypes are here and will not leave untill we remember that humanity is important
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Tukwila, WA
Posted On: January 13, 2007
Stereotypes suck.

For example, people think just because some people are skinny, it means they are anorexic. That's really just ignorant.
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Schuylkill Haven, PA
Posted On: January 13, 2007
yeayeayeayyeay it is so true sterotypes r very bad'
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Posted On: January 13, 2007
I honestly don't care about what people call me. If I cared about their opinion, I would of asked.
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Chicago, IL
Posted On: January 12, 2007
I need to use stereotypes as the skeletons of my characters. True, there needs to be something unique about the characters(muscle and flesh), but I use stereotypes for the beginnings of my characters. They provide a basis for understanding.

Case in point: Uncle Tom's Cabin

There are two characters of seemingly equal importance, yet most of the general population only remember the one. Guess which one: the one who was built upon the stereotypical slave man of that era in time. The other man was simply a man with black skin, no stereotypes were used at all. He is not quite so renown.

So, stereotypes are not always such bad things. It's bad when you use it to judge other people, but it can be an effective tool when creating characters and original fiction.
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Vancouver, WA
Posted On: January 12, 2007
I never really thougt about stereotypes before until now when you mention it.
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Posted On: January 12, 2007
idk. Stereotypes bother me just because I'm a mix of almost everything except emo and prep.. mostly punk/goth/rocker..

I never try to label other ppl unless they ACT like something. if they ACT like something i say what they are because thats what theyre acting like. but if somebody DRESSES a certain way, I dont stereotype that..

I only care about how ppl treat other ppl and stuff. oh well, call me what u want but ur totally wrong. w/e i dont care if ppl call me anything anyways, its not like i dress to impress anybody, including them, right? I just dress like how im feeling, what i feel like wearing, something comfortable, something fancy, w/e i dont care as long as it looks alright and they way I want it.
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Federal Heights, CO
Posted On: January 12, 2007
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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 12, 2007
Stereotypes don't bother me.

Call me anything you like,go ahead.

I honestly think it's ridiculous that people get all worked up over being labeled..

That's all I have to say..

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Zionsville, IN
Posted On: January 12, 2007
The only time I think stereotypes are bad is when they are used in stories. Characters in stories--even secondary characters--cannot be stereotypical. They have to have something that makes them unique or the reader won't be interested in finding out what happens to them. In real life I don't pay much attention to groups at my school so if there are cliques and people who act like stereotypes I don't know about it. Which is fine by me.
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