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The Rules of Teenage Romance @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  The Rules of Teenage Romance (Doll Article)

(December 29, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Valentines day dollsSurely you've noticed that most teenagers, girls in particular, are almost consumed by one thing – romance. Boys, of course, are not as interested in the romantic aspects of a relationship, but girls seem to be enchanted with the thoughts of first kisses, hand holding, and of course preparing for dates and dances. Granted this does not apply to every girl everywhere.

Some girls could care less about dating, and prefer to hang out with friends or absorb themselves in other things. But who's to say those same girls are secretly reading magazines with those adorable little love quizzes and horoscopes dreaming of a certain someone? Well, openly or not, there are rules to be followed if your interested in a good, juicy, teen romance. Now, I'm not preaching to you, but you might want to listen up – I've done this successfully a few times...

Valentines day dolls

Rule #5 – Listen to Your Friends

It seems silly to say this, but your good friends will know you better than any boy – at least until you're engaged or married. That means if you've started talking to someone at school or online and your friends are less than enthusiastic, they might have a good reason. Sometimes we are blinded by love (or lust) and can't see what a jerk a guy is to others around him, and we certainly can't hear what he's saying about you to others.

Your friends might love a guy, which is great so long as they know he's yours, or they may hate him. If they tell you a guy doesn't seem as great as you think, take a break in your angry defense of him to think – could they know something you don't? If all else fails, enviably, when a guy turns out to be less than you originally thought he was, let your friends say, "I told you so," and then move on. It'll be their turn soon enough.

Valentines day dolls

Rule #4 – Friends, First

There are two pieces to this rule: The first is that your friends are always more important than some guy. The second is that you should always make it a point to be friends with a guy BEFORE committing to being his girlfriend, hence the "friend" in the term girl-FRIEND.

As far as keeping your friends, don't ditch them just because a guy pays attention to you or you want to flirt. You can easily balance your time between a boyfriend and your friends. Unless you are in your twenties, it is highly likely you will eventually break up with a guy and not marry him, so don't lose your friends over him. Unfortunately, this is true for many girls in their twenties as well. Also, don't date your friend's exboyfriends. Nothing good will come of it...

If you get to know a guy before taking on the mantle of his girlfriend, it makes things much easier. How embarrassing is it when you have nothing to say to the light of your life simply because you don't know anything about him other than he has a cute smile. Get to know him the same way you would a new gal pal. Then you can hang out together without feeling weird all the time.

Valentines day dolls

Rule #3 – Keep it Under Control

No, we don't mean to sound like your mom or your gym teacher, but girls usually get the job of keeping boys in check. As unfair as it seems, boy hormones tend to take over their brains from time to time, but girls, of course, are smarter and can take control when things start to go haywire. So just keep that in mind. It goes without saying that you would never want to hang out with anyone who wasn't going to listen when you're laying down the law.

Also, if you're interested in a boy, be careful how you show your affection. Acting out of control with too many sugary sweet love notes or getting into fights over him may not be the best way to catch his eye. Smile a little, flirt a little, send a quick IM, but control yourself. He's supposed to be doing the chasing – not you!

Valentines day dolls

Rule #2 – Look the Part

You've seen it both ways in the movies. Some girls land guys at their feet without brushing their hair and running around in sweats all the time. Others strut their stuff down the halls of the school looking like fashion models. There do seem to be many more successful stories with carefully coifed girls, however – Cinderella comes to mind.

With that in mind, take a bit of time with your appearance. Get a cute new haircut, play around with you favorite style. You never have to change who you are for a boy, but you might want to play up some of your favorite assets with some nice wardrobe choices. Naturally, you can try out different outfits and even hairstyles here on the Doll Palace.

Valentines day dolls

Rule #1 – Be Comfortable

The most important rule of dating as a teen is to be comfortable. If you're miserable every time you're around your new boyfriend or love interest, he might not be right for you. If you're embarrassed, shy, angry, or bored, there is probably a better guy out there for you. Your guy friend might be terrific, but if you feel like a puppet or like you have nothing to say, he is probably just the wrong guy for you.

A really good relationship means you can talk about just about anything, play around, sit comfortably together in silence, and agree on important things like how much butter should go on the popcorn and what is okay and not okay to say in front of your parents. Never change yourself for a guy. Simply change guys until you find the right one for you!

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Paramus, NJ
Posted On: December 30, 2006
Great advice!
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Bon Air, VA
Posted On: December 30, 2006
thanx 4 the advice , ive never had a bf but it makes prrfect sense
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United Kingdom
Posted On: December 30, 2006
great advice thank you

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Gary, IN
Posted On: December 30, 2006
I liked the article. what you said is so true and important but also girls make sure the friends that tell you about your guy are friends that care and love you not some back stabbers that will hurt you because if you trust the wrong friend, you could lose a guy you really liked
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Posted On: December 30, 2006
this article is really cool. I need to show it to my friend. She keeps dissing me and the rest of our friends just 'cause we'll "embarass her" in front of her boyfriend. She isnt even different then us in any way, shape or form. If she introduced us, that'd be the end of it, cause we probly wouldn't even see him around school or anything.
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New Zealand
Posted On: December 29, 2006
hey thats a really great article i still need help with this stuff but aslong as you have your friends everything is ok^_^
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Clemmons, NC
Posted On: December 29, 2006
good advice! Thx Jessica!!!
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Castle Rock, CO
Posted On: December 29, 2006
very nice and good advice! thankies jessica!
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Greenwood, IN
Posted On: December 29, 2006
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Union, KY
Posted On: December 29, 2006
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Posted On: December 29, 2006
wow, this is a great article!! you know...and i probably sound really stupid right now, but TDP has such a positive air to it, so much so that you can sign in and feel so welcome. These advice articles really give you a place to go if you don't know where to turn. it's really great. Thanks, Jessica!!

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Congers, NY
Posted On: December 29, 2006
Rule #6 Don't let them push you too far if you know what I mean...
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Posted On: December 29, 2006
Hey that is quite helpful.
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Woodhaven, NY
Posted On: December 29, 2006
nice article
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