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  Enchanted (series) (Doll Article)

(January 02, 2006 by Fusion_Angel Send DollMail Send Email )
Enchanted the series is held at Dollz and Stories written by Fusion_Angel, author of Mermaid Magic, The Maid That Sold Her Barley, Thanksgiving Flowers and Romance, and Christmas Love
Enchanted is about 12 sisters who are born in the Zodiac Kingdom in the galaxy are separated and raised in Earth. Their mother, Queen Sophronia is under a deep sleep spell and will be released when all of her 12 daughters are reunited. Ruby (Enchanted Capricorn), Emerald (Enchanted Scorpio), Topaz (Enchanted Aries), Opal (Enchanted Gemini), Garnet (Enchanted Virgo), Peridot (Enchanted Cancer), Amethyst (Enchanted Taurus), Pearl (Enchanted Libra), Aquamarine (Enchanted Pisces), Diamond (Enchanted Sagittarius), Sapphire (Enchanted Leo), and Turquoise (Enchanted Aquarius). King Cortez, Queen Jade, and their children, Janice, Janor, Cole, and Concepcion are the rulers of an evil planet named Nalren. Also ruling, Yogar, is planning to take over the universe! But he is weak when Queen Sophronia nearly destroys him by taking away his energy. Nationwide, the children takes away people's energy to revive the mighty Yogar.
Ruby Collins is the first daughter in the beginning of the first season. She has found a beautiful but mysterious pin that makes her a powerful warrior. When she joins forces with the Knights of Destiny, her life changed forever.
Season 1 episodes
1; It Begins
2; It Resumes
3; School Blues part 1
4; School Blues part 2
5; Time is Running Low part 1
6; Time is Running Low part 2
7; Gemini Twin Power part 1
8; Gemini Twin Power part 2
9; Marriage of Inconvenience part 1
10; Marriage of Inconvenience part 2
11; Cole Became Alpha part 1
12; Cole Became Alpha part 2
13; Peridot's Paintbrush part 1
14; Peridot's Paintbrush part 2
15; So You Want To Be A Star part 1
16; So You Want To Be A Star part 2
17; Dangerous Dollies part 1
18; Dangerous Dollies part 2
19; In A Spooky Night part 1
20; In A Spooky Night part 2
21; The New Water Knight part 1
22; The New Water Knight part 2
23; Animated Mess part 1
24; Animated Mess part 2
25; Oscar the Moon Knight part 1
26; Oscar the Moon Knight part 2
27; Janice's End part 1
28: Janice's End part 2
29; Darkness in Waters part 1
30; Darkness in Waters part 2
31; The Nightmare Before Christmas part 1
32; The Nightmare Before Christmas part 2
33; The Witches 4
I'm taking a break of the Enchanted series for a while. I want to finish the rest of my unfinished projects. Read the 1st season and enjoy!

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