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(December 24, 2006 by sloth101136 Send DollMail )
Are you tired of bein in a certain click on TDP?
For people in avatar chat:

We all know what clicks are of course, and sometimes we sorta get tired of them. I have noticed in avatar chat A LOT of clicks. Premis with Premis, non premis with non premis, emoz with emoz. For instance your doll is a ShUni doll, your instantly called a prep! Or when an emo comes into a room and they quickly go to another emo and talk to them and not the ShUni, and they both start critziing the ShUni for having that doll.

Well here is something new for you to try!

Don't just go to a person who has the same type of doll as you ALL THE TIME. Go to someone with a different doll and talk to them. They might be cooler than you think. Just try and maybe this click issue will go away or maybe not. But goin up to someone who doesn't have the same type of doll as you is worth it and fun!

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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 16, 2008
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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 6, 2007

Yourr Right, I Went Into A Emo Room. I Am Pretty Much Emo AnywayBut I Had A Big Doll This Time But It Still Looked Emo. And The Room Had Small Emos In, I Started To Talk To Them Not Caring About The Doll Then They Call Me A PREP! Then I Was Kicked. After That I Just Went To People With Big Dolls (It Happened Today).

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Saint Johns, AZ
Posted On: December 31, 2006
I've only gone to the chat rooms a couple of times and I think I finaly know why nobody would talk to me!
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Posted On: December 27, 2006
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