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  Last Minute Holiday Shopping (Doll Article)

(December 24, 2006 by dollfanatic_cuteegurl Send DollMail )
Having a problem finding the perfect gift in time for Christmas?
If you are in this situation, then read on.

Many people buy presents at least a week or two in advance, but not everyone is like that. Sometimes parents will wait unitl they're sure they know what their child wants for Christmas before they go shopping, but most times the case is that you have a hard time figuring out what a person would appreciate the most - well, if that's the problem, I have some tips.

Think of what animal the person likes. If they still enjoy stuffed animals or anything of the sort, this knowledge might help you pick out a gift.
Ask the person what their favorite color is - it can play a big part when buying clothing like t-shirts and pajamas.
If you know what size a person wears in,, then ask them if they like sandals or sneakers better. (This is an example!) If you don't know their size, feel free to ask them!
Does that person like collectibles, or things they can interact with? Do they like card games, or board games? This information matters the most when buying presents. If you happen to known that a person doesn't like playing handball, and you're thinking of getting a sky blue handball as their present - because let's just say as an example that sky blue is their favorite color - of what use would the handball be to them? Think about it!
If you absolutely can't think of anything to give to someone, make somehting for them - that is always appreciated mroe than any present because you're actually putting effort into it (Hopefully!).

Okay, now those were just some tips on getting the perfect gift when you're in a hurry. I also have a few things to say about where to buy the present when doing your last minute shopping - because sometimes, Target may have better products than Wal-Mart - even though it's the same item. Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:

Where do you shop the most? Are their products of good value? Have you gotten presents from that store before, and if so, have the people receiving the gifts liked what you bought them?
Do you know any stores that you don't like shopping at? If so, for what reasons do you not like to shop there? List the stores in your mind. If you're SURE that you prefer not to shop at those stores, don't go there to buy your gifts.
Think of personal experience with buying presents in the past - where did you buy the gifts? Did the people receiving them enjoy them?
Think of what the person that you're buying a present for likes. Does the store you plan on going to carry any items that the person would appreciate and like?

Well, that's really it. I hope you enjoyed my article. Have yourself a merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, happy Kwanzaa and all of the other holdiays!! :D

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