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  Ideas for '07. (Doll Article)

(December 20, 2006 by XxXxMADIxXxX Send DollMail Send Email ICQ AIM YIM  )
I have some ideas for some updates of 2007. [[Mainly About Doll Makers]]
Okay, here are my ideas:

I know most premi members use the personal doll maker. I find it hard to find the type of dollmaker I want so I have come up with the idea of when you are editing or setting up your maker, you can have the option of making your maker mainly Shuni, Unique, Emoz, or Other as a way to sort things out. Then when you search you can select the type of maker you're looking for then name (if you know it) and find the maker you're looking for allot faster. And I know that some people add Uniques in Shuni, but maybe you could pick up to 3 catagories.

Also Maybe a "Favorites" tab for premi members because, I find it hard to find some makers I have used before.

When I was non-premi, I hated it how I had to click on every single part for the doll makers. I'm okay with that it just took some time. ;D Anyway, maybe the doll maker parts could be put in two diffrent sections, one part for premi and one part for non-premi. I think selecting catagories will be faster if Jessica does do that.

I totally know this type of stuff takes allot of time. I am just suggesting some ideas.

These are just some suggestions, Im NOT saying "JESSICA YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!"

I really don't mind it if you don't do these, and I know it is already hard for Jessica to keep The Doll Palace updated.


-Madi [ XxXxMADIxXxX]

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Posted On: December 30, 2006
I think this is a good idea. it'd be easier for standard users AND premiums, instead of just premiums all the time.
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Posted On: December 21, 2006
I know I forgot to add that in.

I did try that once but I doesn't work on my computer. Ill click on a maker to add it but when I click on it It It takes me to a diffrent maker
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Brooklyn, NY
Posted On: December 21, 2006
What you mentioned already exists.... saved games or "MyClick" makers. With new Dress Up Games page, all saved games can be found on a very lat tab.
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