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Style Lexicon: Prep, Goth and Emo @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Style Lexicon: Prep, Goth and Emo (Doll Article)

(November 05, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Prep Cartoon DollsWords get tossed around endlessly to explain the way you dress or act, but what do they really mean? What is a prep? How do you know if you're really emo? Is emo the same as goth?

I've developed a style lexicon to demonstrate the differences in styles, but of course, there is always overlap. However you define your personal style is what makes you so special, regardless if it fits into a certain category or not. Don't get tied down in the details of a definition, after all, nobody truly fits a stereotype.


A prep is someone who cares a great deal about being in style, yet remains true to the classics. Light colors, polos, khakis, and jeans are favorites. Brands, or items appearing similar to brand name looks, can also be a very big deal to someone who dresses like a prep,Prep Cartoon Dolls but they don't have to be. More often the pulled together, accessorized look is the characteristic, not the logo.

A prep generally is fashion-forward, stylish, and always coordinated. This does not mean they are a snob, of course. Everyone puts some thought into their appearance, and the prep styles are often not as expensive as they are made out to be. Prep can also define individuals who take a traditional route through school- that is being involved in clubs, sports, and other similar roles. Find new prep styles here on the Doll Palace. Mix and match to find new outfit ideas or define a whole new you.


Goths have a reputation for being very dark simply because most chose to dress in all black or other dark colors.Gothic Dolls While this style might appeal to many goths, it certainly is not true of all. Goths originated from a love of certain styles of music, and the romantic styles of dress, with ribbons, ruffles, and long skirts are still characteristic of many goths today.

Many goths also prefer to wear dark eye make-up and lipstick with a light foundation. Even many male goths wear a bit of eyeliner to complete their look. While some might believe goths are scary, they are certainly not. Their style of dress might be very different, but they are usually very friendly, creative individuals. Check out different versions of goth styles and create your own goth dolls here on the Doll Palace.


With the term emo originating from the Emotive rock sounds of the 80s,Emo Dolls kids who prefer an emo style often dress similar to the bands they now prefer. Dark colors- usually black, tight, tapering jeans, jackets, funky glasses and Vans are common apparel. Dark hair is also common, and many emo prefer accessories such as studded belts, ear plugs, tattoos, and buttons of their favorite bands or sayings.

Emo has a similar feel to Goths, but is definitely different.Emo Dolls The dark colors and dark hair colors are the primary similarities. Overall, Goths prefer a more romantic existence, while Emos are more focused on a more hard-edge, punk approach to fashion. The Doll Palace has a variety of dolls, including many emo styles. Create a new emo avatar that fits who you really are.

Of course, there are endless other styles and labels. The lexicon is virtually endless, but these are just a beginning. Perhaps as other new trends become popular, I will add to the lexicon over time. Remember, you are you Ė not a label!

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Warrior, AL
Posted On: November 5, 2006
eks just shut up not all emos has depression problems

cause i know i dont
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Chagrin Falls, OH
Posted On: November 5, 2006
Actually most preps r snobs!
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Amite, LA
Posted On: November 5, 2006
lord u need 2 find sumthin betta 2 write instead of labels
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 5, 2006

Emo is a type of music yes.

But A person who is "emo" is actually just someone who most likely has a depression disorder.

Emo = emotional
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Union, KY
Posted On: November 5, 2006
I have a prep friend named Meghan and she says hot topic SUX!She's the one that sux.She's also afraid of goths.DOWN WITH EMO AND PREP! MANSON FANS AND GOTHS ARE TOPS OF THE CHARTS! :djsmil e:
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Mason, OH
Posted On: November 5, 2006
lmao Amy... go Manson fans ^.^
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 5, 2006
wow!!! Great info now EMO style is fully explained to me and i actually understand.
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: November 5, 2006
Go Emo's. x]]
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United Kingdom
Posted On: November 5, 2006
I loved the goth part! all the preppy girls at my school are afraid to go in hot topic because they are afrais of goths...sad
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