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  Ghosts (Doll Article)

(October 25, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Halloween Ghost DollsSpooky sounds at night and the feeling that something is there...when nothing is. Could your house be haunted? Ghosts have long been a part of societies all over the world, and to this day there doesn't seem to be a clear answer on the subject. Do ghosts really exist? Why are they around? Are they dangerous?

Of course, you'll find people on both sides of the issue, but the fact of the matter is – every society around the world has some sort of spirit or ghost stories, and most of us believe in them, even if it's just a little bit. Every town has a story or two about resident ghosts, but some ghosts are famous throughout the world.

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Of course, a haunted house is supposed to give the illusion of ghosts, but the Haunted Mansion has attracted some real ones.Halloween Ghost Dolls A man who died in a nearby plane crash in the 1940s now wanders the hallways with a cane after close. Another man in a tuxedo has been known to tap workers on the shoulder and show up in mirrors.

A mother once insisted that she spread her young son's ashes inside the theme park attraction, but Disney officials nixed the idea. She snuck them into the ride anyway and spread them covertly. Unfortunately, this was not what the son wanted, and he is now seen regularly crying near the entrance to the ride. Finally, during a graduation night celebration, a young man got out of the ride's "Doombuggy" to see the séance scene more closely and fell through a gap between the walkway and tracks and broke his neck. The séance scene has not been the same since.

The White House

There are many ghosts reportedly haunting the White House.Halloween Ghost Dolls Dolly Madison and Jane Adams are two, but the most well known ghosts in the President's home are Abraham Lincoln, and his son Willie. Willie died in the White House while Lincoln was in office, and has been seen many times standing about in a quiet state. Lincoln himself tends to wander the hallways and spends a great deal of time in the Lincoln bedroom. He has been seen napping on couches, and knocks on doors occasionally. Eleanor Roosevelt had séances during her stay in the White House, and supposedly became good friends with Abe.

Toys'R'Us in Sunnyvale, California

It seems odd that such a modern building would be haunted, but it is. There have been many documented sightings of a lanky young man wandering about moaning for a woman named Beth. Johnny Johnson, a ranch hand on the ranch that occupied the site in the 1800s died in the area after an accident with an axe, and is still looking for his lost love. Johnny has been known to turn the water on in the woman's restroom, to touch individual's hair, and to move items overnight or even move them in front of employees.

The Tower of London

The famous English prison is home to more murders, beheadings, tortures, and poisonings than most any other in the world. Naturally, a few of the Tower's residents have stayed around.Halloween Ghost Dolls The most famous of the, now ghostly, occupants is Anne Boleyn. Anne was beheaded on Tower Green and is said to wander the prison hallways with her severed head under her arm the night before someone dies. In fact, during World War I, she was seen by many the night before enemy spies were scheduled to be executed. Anne also spends time in the prison's chapel, and has been witnessed with other ghosts in Tudor attire walking the aisle of the chapel late at night.

Of course, it is up to you whether or not you believe in ghosts. There does seem to be a great preponderance of evidence suggesting that they do in fact reside in places we might expect them, and some places we would not. You might think twice before you laugh off the rumors about ghosts in your school or home. After all, haven't you ever gotten goose bumps for seemingly no reason at all? Could someone be standing behind you right now? Happy Haunting!

A séance is, on its most basic level, an attempt to communicate with the dead.

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Chaska, MN
Posted On: October 25, 2006
i am not kidding for all of you skeptics out there my toys hovered about a week after my uncle was killed in a car crash my dead uncle has also walked next to my cousin ashley she did not know that he was there and as she was walking some one said to her asked who the guy was walking next to her it was my dead unlce eddy.! it is true!
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Chaska, MN
Posted On: October 25, 2006
oh my gosh my grandparents house is haunted a man killed himself in their living room and my aunts, uncles, and mom when they were growing up in the house would see the rocking chair rocking by iself, indents in couches where no one was sitting, and my mom actually saw the man putting away boxes in their closet it is so so so creepy and when i was seven my toy castles (lame i know) hovereed over my bed! i could not sleep in my room for weeks!
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New City, NY
Posted On: October 25, 2006
:i con4:
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