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  Good or Bad? (Doll Article)

(October 05, 2006 by ananas Send DollMail )
Do good stories get overlooked because someone is not making out by the end of the first sentence?Or is it simply because they're not interesting?I'm hoping to find out.
I've seen many complaints about this. But is it true? Wake up people! Think hard, are you truly speaking your mind about stories or are you just being 'nice'? I am definitely not saying you should tell people their stories stink, but don't you think a bit of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and a supportive comment would go a LOT farther than '5 *z'? Some stories DESERVE that, but some don't. The ones that don't(in my opinion) are in the top five and the ones that deserve a place there are being pushed aside, in my opinion. I'm not whining because my HP fanatic isn't up there, I'm trying to get people to think about what kinds of stories they rate five stars and the ones they're not giving a second glance to. Please, just think before you click that little five star bubble, does this story deserve that in your opinion.

Dollmail me your thoughts on this,


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