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  Witches (Doll Article)

(October 05, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Doll Witches in Halloween CostumesIt seems every culture around the world has some sort of belief in witchcraft and magic. While some religions or groups still practice witchcraft and use the term witch to describe their members, most people today enjoy the more commercial appeal of witches. While we all know your English teacher is really a witch, there are other signs to be looking for when attempting to distinguish a witch from, well, it’s really not polite to say.

Doll Witches in Halloween Costumes


According to tradition, witches are able to control or call upon many forms of magic. Perhaps the magic has possessed the witch, or the witch causes the magic to possess others. It goes without saying that some witches, Glenda and Hermione included, use magic only for good and useful reasons, but others prefer to utilize it for dark purposes. Witches are not above the epic battles of good versus evil, and in fact are often at the center of the fight.


Rituals and chants are classic witchcraft. Runes and dances are the equivalent of witchcraft greeting cards. In fact, it was dancing with abandon that began the Salem witch hunt all those years ago. Apparently, any time groups of girls get together to dance or sing wildly, there is a strong possibility of witchcraft – at least according to the old folks in town.


Witches are able to control others again their will. Dolls, potions, and spells might cause you to do something out of your own control. Surely witchcraft was involved in the selection of your ex-boyfriend because there is no way you would have made that decision without being under the influence of some form of magic. Speaking of pain, witches are also able to cause pain or even death through the use of dolls or images.

Doll Witches in Halloween Costumes

Spells and Wands

Just like Harry, many witches contain their magic in a wand. Spells and potions require a simple wave, point, or tap of the wand to release the required magic. If your math teacher is stalking about the room cradling her ruler again, you might want to look a bit more closely to be sure that is just a ruler…or, you might not.

Conjuring the Dead or Spirits

If anyone around you is bringing the dead back to life or even trying, you have a rather serious problem. Many witches, not be the friendly ones, use the dead, and are able to call them out of the grave using their magic. On the other hand, other witches are able to communicate with the dead or with spirits, and gain not only wisdom, but a few extra dollars at carnivals with the skill.

Doll Witches in Halloween Costumes


Crystal balls, knuckle bones, or any number of magical items can be cast to take a look into the future. Some witches possess a future sight and share prophecies or hints about the future. Others can see anywhere around space or time using their magic, so it is no wonder some people always seem to know what you have been up to.

Doll Witches in Halloween Costumes

Some Not-So-Telling Signs

Green faces, warts, long black robes and pointy hats are excellent for Halloween disguises, but they are not particularly common for real witches these days. In fact, if someone fits the stereotypical model of a witch, they are almost assuredly NOT one. Real witches are more careful to disguise who, or what, they REALLY are. Dress your witch in obvious, or not so obvious attire here at the Doll Palace. Also, check out our Halloween witches for great costume ideas or the classic trick of dressing up a witch trying to fool those thinking that real witches wouldn’t dress up like witches!

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Gainesville, GA
Posted On: October 5, 2006
Witches are merely normal people who practice magick.They have NO special powers over normal people,and I've known quite a few witches who were VERY nice people.

They can't bring the dead back to life,they can't control people against their will,and they do not used wands.They're just normal people,only they practice very harmless magick.

This,like the Vampire article,was an INSULT.
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Comstock Park, MI
Posted On: October 5, 2006
i think whitches r cool
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