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  Profiles: The Dos and Don'ts (Doll Article)

(August 21, 2006 by Silver_Wolf_Kitty Send DollMail )
Things to make your profile enjoyable for all users.
We all love to have creative profiles which just scream us, but what can we do to make them our own? Here are some tips for those who really want a great profile!

1.include information about yourself. People go to your profile to learn about you, not about that actor which you just adore.
2.include some graphics. This is a dolling site, remember, so why don't you show off some of your creations? what you think in a respectful way. Be it your opinions on fashion, or your favorite type of doll, users are willing to respect your views as long as your respect theirs!
4.keep HTML down to a minimum. We all love to have a special background or one fancy effect, but too many overloads computers on dial up and just makes your profile seem over-done.

1.disable right-clicking. I know what your thinking, that someone's going to steal your creations. However, what if your graphics just don't show up and they want to see your work? The best way to avoid stealing is to watermark your work!
2.send users to a site with viruses on it or one that you can't click out of. This has become a recent problem. Just don't do it folks, no matter how much you want to spite someome or how funny it seems.
3.have multiple music videos on your profile or music that a user can't stop. We all enjoy music, but it lags down a computer if there's too much and no one wants to visit a profile with music that they don't like and can't stop.
4.insult people in your profile. Not only is it mean, but it is immature.
5.leave harassing comments on profiles that you don't like. Harassment is against the Terms of Service and doing so can get your account deleted and you banned from the site. Instead, take the higher road.
6.use your profile as a dating ad. Not only is this desperate, but puts you in danger! It's okay to want to make friends, but be wise about it. Do you really want to date a person whose identity you're not sure of? Pictures can be forged and the things they say are decieving.
7.use offensive language. This is also against the Terms of Service, so kiddies keeping your swearing down.
8.have suggestive images on your profile. This is a children's site and against the Terms of Service. Would you want your children looking at that sort of thing?

That ends the list of things you should and shouldn't do with your profile. If you're unsure about things you can put on it, just ask the friendly people on the forums or reread the Terms of Service. Happy dolling!

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Hemet, CA
Posted On: November 14, 2006
Pretty good to say.

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