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(July 03, 2004 by thuggndiva Send DollMail Send Email Visit Website AIM YIM  ) - Bandwidth Issues has been suspended due to bandwidth issues. My site may open again within a few days to give me time to make backups on everything I have their, php scripts & all that content. It will probably take a few hours or so to make the backups of everything.

Once that is all done I will be transfering to another host and hopefully my last. So my site will then close again until the DNS server settings have been changed. That takes 3-4 days. Hopefully by the end of the week my site will be re-opened.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to keep in touch or would like to know more info and when exactly the site will be re-opened you can check out that is where I post everyday.

x0x Desiree

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