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  TDPMartyrs (Doll Article)

(June 03, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )
TDPMartyrs is a clique i started. its for people new to teh doll palace who need help getting started especially were doll points are concerned.
I noticed alot of people in teh fashion shows constantly asking for votes and saying they have no doll points adn being the genwerouse person i am would help them by enterng agaisnt them against the fashion shows. i found other people who ahd alot of doll points they didnt need and we got together to help the poor down n out dollers. We curently have only 8 members so far and i know there are many more dolers out tehre who would be willing to help out if tehy knew how adn even more who honestly ned help. of course we have to be very acrefull b/c there are people who will lie and cheat just to get mroe dps b/cv they are greedy bad people.

since we dotn have many mebers we are probably at teh bottom of the list for cliques. if you are a good eprson and want to help out with the cause look for us in the cloiques and join or if you are down to less tahn 100 doll points or new and need help getting started. we area nice group of people and we would love to have you!

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