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  fashion show etiquette (Doll Article)

(April 19, 2006 by crazykiek Send DollMail Visit Website )
how to act in fashion shows whats aceptable what isnt. for newbies and otehr who dont understand teh fashion shows.
okay this is my idea of fashion show ettiquete. im writing this article b/c alot of newbies come in fahsion shows adn dont folow rules cus they dont understand that pple get really miffed when u enter their sow and ur doll dousnt fit wtih the category!

1. read the title and description of the fashion show b4 you enter your doll. if it dous not meet the specifications then do not enter the show or use another doll that does.

2. premade refers to dolls from the doll palace collection that you did not make. if you have [premie and filemanager u can use a premade doll from that b/c its yours and made by you.

3. nude dolls are really unimaginative and no1 likes them. also they take no time at all to make and no sill or imagination goes into them. also hters a 90% chance sum1 will report you.

4. do not tell people to vote for you. its very annoying and most pple ignore you anyway. if you are very low on doll points (less than 250) find some 1 who has a lot (700 +) and is willing to help you out. im in the fashion shows alot feel free to ask me for help.

i hope to see less "cheating" due to ignorance in the fashion shows and less people litterimng the chat with "vote for me!"

thnx for taking the time to read my article. happy dollmaking!

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