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  Easter (Doll Article)

(April 09, 2006 by italianBELLA_x Send DollMail )
Easter is cuming! Get ready for the bunny of the century! Hide those eggs, Buy those chocolate candy bunny's! Have a blast on whats going to happen soon. Happy almost Easter!!!
Hey People
Easter is around the corner. Did you all get ready? if you have kids or babies on TDP wouldnt u want to spread the fun with them? Hide some eggs with chocolate and goodies. Buy a basket of things inside. Make your own treat for the kids. Go to the park n look for the bunny. Some Events that will come::
1. A easter dance (possible)
2. Find some eggs
3. Go to the park
4. open up candy with your family
5. watch easter cartoons on tv
(all of this is on TDP)
Hopefully they all happen.

Next thing that we might wonder is, Whats jessica going to do? is she going to add easter things? or just leave it the way it is? We'll see when it happens. Maybe jessica will have a unique maker with holiday things in it. It will be a suprise. We wont know Yet..Just wait.

Might hav a party at Krystal's Cafe, Crazy coffee cafe, Crazy coffee, Krystal's hospital, krys's salon, Krystal's Dance Room. Nething like that or with Krystal in it n it has a personal room Its my room. We might have a party, we arent sure. But keep your hopes up. And if we have a dance, The easter bunny might of been nice to you this year, and found ur match of chcolate bunnys together. (find ur luv match)

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