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  Interview with Bronnie (Doll Article)

(May 20, 2003 by support Send DollMail )
Laurel interviews Bronnie, the woman who is second in command behind the most popular doll contest, Miss Doll America (MDA). Read about some insider info that Bronnie provides and clears some common myths
Interview with Bronnie About MDA
I had the lovely oppurtunity to have a little interveiw with the woman second in command behind one of the most well known doll contest-site things, Miss Doll America (mda)!!!!

Bronnie told me some misconceptions, statistics, and other cool things about MDA! Here is our little chat:

Laurel: When you joined MDA did you ever expect it to be so huge?

Bronnie: Well, it was already pretty huge when i joined. That was the reason I had to. Kristi needed help with it. I didn't really think I'd still be doing it now, though.

Laurel: Do you remember exactly when you joined, or what state it was on?

Bronnie: I joined sometime in spring of 2002. California had been voting for a few months, when I joined things got going and we started up with Colorado.

Laurel: Which state is has been the most popular?

Bronnie: North Carolina, I think.

Laurel: Whats your opinion on all the other Miss blankity blanks for dolls that have recently come out?

Bronnie: Well, I think they're great most of the time. They give me more chance to enter pageants so that I don't have to enter MDA and be accused of stealing. I do wish more of them would credit Kristi for the original idea.

Laurel: Do people credit you alot?

Bronnie: Some do, some don't. Some people link us, some people only mention our name, others don't mention us at all.

Laurel: How often do you have to disqualify entries? And what is the usual reason?

Bronnie: It varies, but usually once or twice a month I have to disqualify someone for sending in the wrong file format or using drag and drop parts. I have had to disqualify someone for mass voting, but I only do that if i'm absolutely positive.

Laurel: Sounds complicated, how time consuming is MDA?

Bronnie: Not very, except on mondays when I update the polls, and when I get bogged down and make the awards. I've actually JUST made a template for the state queens so the awards should take less time now that i've done that.

Laurel: Do you have anything else you'de like people to know about MDA?

Just that writing a bio is not as difficult as it seems. A lot of people don't enter because the bio scares them, but I always tell my friends to pretend they're making up a story like they used to do in kindergarten. Usually helps :-)

You can visit MDA @

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