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(September 20, 2005 by cammillerox Send DollMail Send Email Visit Website ICQ AIM YIM  )
Premium membership, Is it really worth it?

The Doll Palace is a widly popular site, from The U.K. to The Virgin Islands dollmakers are happily creating away. Sure there are other sites, but people choose The Doll Palace. Is it because of the State Of the Art dollmaker, or the vast choice of fashion shows and contests to enter your doll in, or maybe the Avatar chat?

Some of the visitors are turning away because of the premium membership... One girl says,"I'm so tiered of being bothered about the premium membership", another adds "Either do away with it (premium membership) or give every one the features".

But are the features really worth it?

Many people in my school say Yes."Those extra dollmaker items win my contests."
"I'm really creative so creating contests and stuff is really my thing."

While others say NO: "We don't have money to spend on dolls with the gas prices right now."

Now that you've heard both sides of the story,it's up to you...
Do you think premium membership is worth it?

P.S. Some of the features of the Premium Membership (From TDP)
  • Acces to The Doll Palace File Manager that allows you to store your images at The Doll Palace.
  • Ability to create your own Doll contests.
  • Access to Pixel Art PixEditor (Pixel By Pixel Editor).
  • More categories in The Doll Palace Doll Maker.
  • Extended Candybar Maker (Zoom/Text/Transparency/Animation).
  • Personal Doll Maker (create personal categories and upload your own items / props).
  • Emily and Alexis Makers.
  • +500 DP (Dollpoints)
  • Fashion Show Extended options (up to 60 min Show Time; up to 5 Seats; up to 50 DP per seat)
  • Add up to 40 Personal Friends (15 for standard members)
  • Save up to 100 Personal Room designs in Room Maker (5 for standard members)
  • Use Personal Room designs in Avatar Chat
  • Silents Dollmaker.
  • Bonita Dollmaker.
  • Ability to create GIF images and export them into the GifWorks.
  • Smilies on Avatar Chat
  • Icon Maker that allows to create animated AIM icons in a single click.
  • Doll Palace Animator access allows you to create animated dolls using frames in the Filemanager.
  • Full Extended DollQuotes Maker and DollQuote Search.
  • More backgrounds for personal rooms in Avatarchat .
  • Category Layers in The Doll Palace Doll Maker (Ability to change the layer for the category).
  • Doll Maker right click functionality with advanced effects and ability to switch layers for single elements.
  • Multiple Servers for using The Dollmaker.
  • Multiple Font Types and Sizes for names in The Doll Palace Doll Maker.
  • 10%-400% Zoom Range in The Doll Palace Doll Maker.
  • Dollmaker Premium Local Items Package (Super Fast category load).
  • No banner under the doll in our Doll Maker.
  • Priority support.
  • Full access to The Doll Palace member directory.
  • Additional AIM and MSN Icons.
  • The Doll Palace Personal Templates.
  • The Doll Palace IQ Answers and detailed questions review.

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    Miami, FL
    Posted On: August 19, 2007
    yes. but too bad i cnt get it my parents r convinced its a scma sinc ei sent in a money order to them and did not GET premi so im doomed. plus side someones going to but me it so im nt tht down
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