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Yummy Ice Cream Social! @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Yummy Ice Cream Social! (Doll Article)

(June 10, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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If youíre never had one, you should absolutely create an ice cream social this summer. This is a perfect excuse to get your friends together without needing a special event such as a birthday or graduation, and the party is very easy to set up.

Go Shopping

Your ice cream social is going to require plenty of ice cream, toppings and all of the accessories you might need Ė spoons, bowls, sprinkles, etcÖ Grab your best friend and a few bills and head to the store to get the supplies. Look for fun bowls and spoons that fit the theme at a party store and then head to the grocery store to get the ice cream in a variety of flavors and as many fun toppings as you can make fit into the budget. This includes a big trip down the candy aisle, so get creative! Remember to get fresh fruit as well as many people enjoy that over ice cream instead of sugary candy, too.

Set Up the Event

Call or email all of your friends to let them know that Friday is the big night. Ask them to all bring a new friend for everyone to meet since we find new people over the summers often and you might help out the new person in the neighborhood by letting them meet others. Then, once your guests are invited, start setting up. Just like any party, youíll need plenty of decorations and lights Ė especially if you have the ice cream social in the backyard. Hang lights from trees and get the music going. Put all of the ice cream and toppings out on a long decorated table and get ready for the real fun to begin.

Eat Up!

As your friends arrive, tell them the goal is to make the biggest and most delicious ice cream treats ever. Have contests if you like as to what people are putting together, and everyone should eat as much as they can hold. This is not the day to worry about being on a diet. Let your friends make their own sundaes and keep things casual and fun. Provide places for them to sit Ė preferably outside as it cuts down on the mess and be sure to provide a trashcan as people finish up. Keep inviting them back until the ice cream is gone. You might have prizes for those who eat the most just to keep it funny and delicious at the same time.

Find Entertainment

If your party is large enough, people might just mill around and talk to each other as entertainment. If you have a restless crowd, you might need to provide some entertainment for them. If itís evening and you have a large enough patio, you might invite a friend who loves to play music to be the DJ and let everyone dance. A swimming pool in the backyard is an easy way to entertain, but be sure you have an adult around to keep everyone safe so that you donít have to play lifeguard. Showing a movie with a projector and sheet in the backyard can be a fun night activity as well. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun with your friends with this impromptu party idea.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: June 27, 2010
Oh how I wish I was social enough to do things like this! I ADORE hosting parties and this one would be SO much fun!

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