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Your Skin and Make up @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Your Skin and Make up (Doll Article)

(January 29, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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There comes a time for most girls when they start to dabble in make up and all that practice eventually adds up to a regular make up routine. Your make up can and should change over the years to reflect your age, your life situation (you don’t wear glitter to the corporate office, for example) and what you’re comfortable with. Regardless of what type of paint you’re wearing, you should always be focused on protecting your canvas – your skin.

Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, but unless you have unusual habits you’re only actually applying make up to your face. The skin on your face is the most exposed as it is never covered during the day and is also the most fragile. Protecting it should be an ongoing habit and how you use make up can play a big part in that.

Wash Your Face before Applying Make Up

Before you apply any make up always be sure to wash your face. Wash it and then apply a nice moisturizer complete with sunscreen. Then, once you’ve washed away old oils and gross, start applying your make up. If you apply the make up on top of the old oils, you’ll be trapping them right on top of your pores which will feel rather nasty and also do rather nasty things to your skin.

Always Use Moisturizer

Even if you only wear a bit of lip gloss as make up, you should at least wear a moisturizer. The minimalists among you might like a tinted moisturizer to cut down on a layer of make up and keep things light, but any non-greasy moisturizer will do. Keeping your skin hydrated is critical to helping avoid wrinkles and other visible signs of aging down the road. In a perfect world you have one moisturizer with sunscreen for the day to wear under your make up and another deep cream to put on at night after you’ve scrubbed all of that make up off again.

Stay Out of the Sun

Your face is exposed to the sun almost constantly – unless you have taken to wearing a hat or other sort of shade around. Sun damage doesn’t just come from sunbathing; some of the worst is just the normal wear-and-tear of your daily trips to school, across parking lots, during your physical education class, after school band practice and really any time your face is exposed to the sun. It’s impossible to really stay out of the sun at all times, but you can start wearing a hat at band practice or putting on sunscreen before heading outside at PE. A hat is ideal when you can, but you can cover most of your bases at least by just putting on that daily moisturizer with sunscreen.

Wash Your Face As Soon As Possible

Makeup, especially the inexpensive kind that most kids wear, is bad about allowing your skin to “breathe.” If the make up stays on your skin too long it and the natural oils building up underneath it can cause some serious break-outs. Wash your face as soon as you can or at the least every night before bed. Never sleep in make-up.

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Posted On: March 11, 2009
I don't wear much make-up.Just some lip gloss.Unless it's a formal occaision,I get out my mascara and slightly tint my lips with lipstick.That's all.
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Woodbury, MN
Posted On: February 27, 2009
Not everyone skin is the same. And yes I wear make up. Not a lot, and I hate cover up. Most people seem to cake it on and its just nasty. I have two face washes and two acne and black head creams and one moisturizer. But my skin is okay. I'll admit I do have acne but it could be worse.
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Syracuse, NY
Posted On: February 19, 2009
:i con1:
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: February 16, 2009
I wear make-up when acting. That's it. And all of those tips are very important, because stage make-up is much thicker and oilier than regular stuff. Also, the bright lights dry out your skin quicker than anything save for the sun.

Otherwise, make-up's a pain I don't have to deal with.
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Posted On: February 15, 2009
With my skin, it has freckles and sometimes turns lobster red at the slightest amount of embarrassment or when I run. My cheeks turn pink when it's hot or cold, but are okay at like 60 degrees. I only use eyeliner and mascara, and wash my face with Biore stuff. I think that soap and water dry out my icky skin.
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Posted On: February 15, 2009
The best thing for your skin is to just leave it alone. Wash it only with water and a cloth, no soap.
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Weirton, WV
Posted On: February 15, 2009
I wear mascara. That's it. :\ I've always had bad skin, I mean, yeah, after middle school my skin cleared up because of a topical ointment my doc presribed me but it's still got these really nasty dry spells and literally nothing I do can help it. I've tried non-greasy/oily moisturiziers and I've personally found they make me break out. Badly.
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Netherlands, The
Posted On: February 15, 2009
If I can be very frank, I think all this is compelte bull.

Either you have nice skin or you don't. There's no point in wasting half an hour in the morning and the evening by following an fatiguing routine of skin products.

You wash, and then you may or may not apply makeup, that's it.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: February 15, 2009
I have 2 moisturizers, one for when my face is going to/is breaking out and the other for when it just needs moisture.

I have to take off my makeup and clean my face, it just feels....I don't know how to describe it, like I'll get it all over my pillow or whatever kind of feeling.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: February 15, 2009

I don't even own moisturizer.

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