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  Your First Job (Doll Article)

(January 02, 2009 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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For the girl who likes to shop and entertain herself without relying on her parentsí cash and thus permission, there is nothing more freeing than your first job. Of course, finding the perfect first job is a balance of what you like to do, how much experience you have, and who is willing to hire you. For example, you might love everything fashion and have years of experience working with your own wardrobe. However, you might not be able to walk into Hot Topic at sixteen and start work if they donít hire associates under eighteen.

Get Some Experience

You might not consider it a ďreal job,Ē but anything that puts you in a position of responsibility is a means to experience. For example, if you volunteer with your youth group, you are showing initiative and leadership. If you work with the babies in the nursery at church, you are building childcare experience. Visiting with the elderly in a nursing home or making calls for your momís business are both excellent ways to build your experience. Itís important to document all of this experience, however.


Prepare a List

When youíre older, youíll have enough to pull together a full resume, but for now you would do better to pull together a list of information about yourself. You can make this a running list by adding new things as they come to you or you experience them. On your list, you can list all sort of volunteer work youíve done, the clubs you belong to at school and any activities you do with those clubs. You should mention any awards youíve won and your interests and hobbies. The more information you can include about yourself in a neat, typed list, the better prepared youíll be to sell yourself to a future employer.

Formulate a Plan of Attack

If youíre on the younger end with little work experience, it can be tricky to walk into a store or shop and present yourself well. However stores who are willing to hire young people are looking for those with confidence and ability. If you freeze up and mumble to the manager, you arenít showing her how terrific youíll be in sales, of course. So before marching around the mall collecting applications get a plan in mind.

What sort of positions are you interested in? Are you willing to work in a different capacity to work your way up if necessary? For example, you might have to work in the back of the store unpacking freight before you can be on the floor doing sales. Why do you want to work certain places and how much time can you commit to the job?

Gather Applications

Once you have a plan of attack, dress your best and head to your future employer and ask if they are hiring employees. The best time to start in almost any retail or food service industry is before the holidays or during the summer. Many companies call these seasonal employees, and you can consider a seasonal employment opportunity a chance to prove youíre worthy of sticking around for the long haul.

If the store or company is hiring, ask to complete an application. Be sure you look sharp when asking for an application, because you are immediately being judged. Complete the application at home or in the store if suitable, and attach your list of extra qualifications. These will help to set you apart from others after your job.

When youíre ready to hand your application in, ask for a manager Ė donít give it to a sales associate. You want to hob-nob with the person doing the hiring. Ask for the manager, hand over your application and stand your ground for a minute. The manager might flip through your application and list on the spot to ask you some questions Ė you donít want to run away before she gets a chance!

Answer any questions honestly and clearly without hesitation. This is not the time to be shy or let nerves show. If youíre called back for an interview, look your best and think about why you applied for that company in the first place Ė they want to hear how great you think they are and how you can help the company. Donít bother mentioning how they can help you. Keep eye contact and smile often. Even if you arenít hired, youíve gained valuable experience you can use the next time. Good luck with your job hunt!

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Harrisburg, PA
Posted On: January 21, 2009
LOL. My first "real" job was working at a fast food place - Wendy's. I hated it.
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Hillsboro, OR
Posted On: January 17, 2009
My first Job was working with Mentally Disabled kids, which was rewarding, but I needed more schooling at the time to be fufilled. My Second job was at Best Buy which was a waste of my hard work. LOL

So now i'm a full time student.
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: January 6, 2009
yeah, I actually got my second job while I was still working at my first. I quit after I got it. That way, you have recent references, and steady income until you move on.
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: January 6, 2009
These are good tips!

My first job was at the MckyD's. I didn't need any of this advice though, my mom was manager of the bank they used, so she scratched their back via late deposits and they scratched hers by getting her 16 year old twins jobs at a $1 more an hour than they're normal beginning wage. ^_^. But I must admit it was difficult finding my second job on my own. Especially cause I hadn't worked in a few years. Another good tip is to keep on working. Gaps between work history is not a good thing...unless it's school related.
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United Kingdom
Posted On: January 6, 2009
I have to do work experience for my school next year and it has to be to do with your career choice. I wanna be a author. I need a job though.


Miss TW
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Posted On: January 5, 2009
I wonder what my first job will be. O.O
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Posted On: January 5, 2009
Good tips. I'll make sure to keep all of them in mind.

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Arvada, CO
Posted On: January 5, 2009
I'm sixteen and am working at my second "real" (i.e. not babysitting) job ever. My first job was working at a fast food place. I hat'ed it. I only took the job because they were the only ones willing to hire a 15 year old with a work permit from school. I was a vegetarian cleaning up fryer grease. Not fun. But I did get paid, and I got good experience. Now I work in a family-owned retail store that sells teaching supplies as well as educational games, and I love it.

So, these are all great tips. Follow them. And brush up on child labor laws in your area. You should know how much you are supposed to be paid when you are working somewhere.
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