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Why Isnít Loungewear Schoolwear? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  Why Isnít Loungewear Schoolwear? (Doll Article)

(August 27, 2010 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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As I sit here in my favorite pajama pants and cami, I wonder exactly why I canít wear this to school. Okay, maybe the cami would be a bit much with all that shoulder showing Ė Iíd get cold anyhow, but why not a pair of lounge pants? Whatís wrong with some loose knit gray pajama pants in the classroom? I know that once you get to college, you can show up in pajama pants if you want to and nobody says anything. Why canít I wear them around the high school?

Standardized Dress: Preparation for the Future

According to one teacherís explanation of standardized dress, the school is helping us prepare for the future. You canít show up to you job someday wearing your pajama pants, so why should you show up to your current ďjobĒ wearing loungewear? It almost made sense Ė so long as I was looking for an office job. But what if I planned to be a writer? What I planned to write bestselling novels all day in my pajamas? Not to mention those who plan to be lifeguards. What should they wear to ďpracticeĒ for their jobs someday?

Dressing Nicely and Performing Well

There has been a proven correlation between how good you feel on the outside and how nice you look on the outside. This has apparently also been tied to how well you perform. If youíre looking sharp, youíre feeling sharp and youíre doing pretty sharp work. I can understand that. When Iím schlumping around in my pajamas, I feel like slouching and just laying around. Iím relaxing. When Iím dressed up, I feel taller and more driven. Itís purely psychological, but it works. Maybe thatís why some companies require suits Ė the employees look sharp and perform better, too.

Losing Control through Lax Dress Codes

I think the real reason you donít see students wandering the hallways in their pajamas is that the teachers and administration fear that the lax dress code will be a sign of the school losing control. After all, if the students are running around all dressed for a slumber party, are they going to stop carrying books around, too? Is wearing pajamas permission to sleep in school? I donít buy the argument that my loose gray pants are distracting for other students. But I do understand that a teacher wants to look out and see students at least propping one eye open and pretending to listen, and thatís simply more likely to happen if they actually pulled on clothing that morning.

Pajamas and Practicality

Will I wear pajamas to school when I get the chance? I might Ė itís really hard to say, actually. In high school, I wander around a single building all day. I donít go outside. I donít ride busses or bikes. If I were to be walking a college campus, Iíd be a bit more hesitant about wearing the pajamas on the bus or strolling among thousands of strangers looking like I (literally) just rolled out of bed. I think Iíll find other comfortably clothing that looks like real clothes and just save the loungewear for actual lounging. Hopefully Iíll still be doing plenty of that.

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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 22, 2010
No way, I looked super cute in my PJ's xD

Plus I didn't wear the ones I slept in. I still got dressed and ready, but the clothes I put on were just super comfortable.

Agreed with the seatpants though. I've NEVER liked those. It irritates me all the time to see that Victoria Secret's PINK line of clothing consists mostly of sweat pants and cropped sweat pants. Ew, just ew.

The 90's called, they want their trash back.

Regaurdless of whether or not the School Uniforms were cute/ugly, I would have still wanted to wear it than not. Being teased, disliked, or judged based on the clothes your parents could afford (or the style you prefered) was/is just SO unfair!
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Posted On: September 18, 2010
I wish people dressed up at my school. Pjs are rarely seen, but sweats aren't. I find it gross. Who wants to show up looking like you just rolled out of bed? I swear they don't even brush their hair. -.-

I also don't understand the shoulders rule, or legs. They're LEGS and SHOULDERS. It's just skin, we all have it. Nothing special. I show my shoulders all the time and I've never been confronted. A lot of people bear their shoulders actually. *shrugs*
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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 18, 2010
You wouldn't have wanted to wear my old school uniform; it was seriously ugly. XD
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Lawrence, NY
Posted On: September 17, 2010
I always wanted to wear a uniform, they're really cute and my fasion sense was way different from the people in my school, so it would've been nice not to be laughed at. Plus I wouildn't have to decide what to wear every day... I'd already know!
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 17, 2010
I always wanted to wear a uniform. I thought they were super cute. Plus I was poor, so finally being able to wear what the other kids were wearing would have been a welcome relief.

As for the PJ's, are you serious? I wore PJ's to school sometimes and it was never a problem? Wow, things must have changed? Course I've heard that certain schools have actually banned COLORS. I mean, I'm with them on trying to prevent gang-related activity/advertisment, but who'd have thought they (the gangs) actually had the balls to call dibs on a certain color? SOMEONE is full of themselves...

I never understood the shoulders thing. Bellies, yeah, thighs, yeah, cleavage, definately. But shoulders? I get that they think the bra straps are distracting to boys, but I've never once seen a boy looking at a girls bra STRAP. Maybe make lacey straps or LOOK AT ME straps banned, but plain black/white or color-matched-to-shirt straps? I don't know...
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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 13, 2010
It's a fact tho that if you dress like a slob, people are going to think that you're one. First impressions can only be made once.

Also, it's a fact that most people aren't going to be authors, artists etc. Most jobs that people have require a dress code, and a lot require uniforms so you might as well get used to it while still at school.

Oh yeah, and over here in England where I am, most schools HAVE a uniform. You can't wear your own clothes at all. So if you go to a school that does allow you to wear your own clothes, be grateful for it even if you do have to abide by a dress code, it's still a lot better than having to wear a uniform.
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