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What to wear for a Spring Wedding @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  What to wear for a Spring Wedding (Doll Article)

(March 21, 2006 by support Send DollMail )
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Spring is the season of weddings, and for those of us who're more comfortable in jeans and sweats than the more formal attire required for a wedding, that can mean a whole lot of fashion headaches.

Here's how to stay within the dress code without looking like your mother…

What NOT to wear

Maybe it's easier if we first of all take a look at the kind of things you shouldn't be wearing to a wedding. These days wedding dress codes tend to be a little more relaxed: for example, black, which used to be a huge no-no for a wedding, is now much more acceptable – and a generation of girls heave a sigh of relief. There are still a few things you shouldn't even consider wearing to a wedding, though, and these include:

  • White/cream
  • White and cream are colors reserved strictly for the bride, and so wearing a white dress is guaranteed to incur her wrath for the rest of your natural life.

  • Denim
  • We all know that denim can be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion, but unfortunately weddings aren't one of them. Denim is just far too casual for even the most laid-back of weddings. Save it for the hen night or engagement party instead…

  • Flashing the flesh
  • Someone else's wedding is not the time or place to show off your legs, figure or new stomach tattoo. The general rule of thumb is that guests should never take attention away from the bride, and that means nothing too short, nothing too low cut, and nothing too revealing.

Wedding fashion

Patel colors remain a big favorite for Spring weddings, so pale pink, baby blue and soft yellow are all good choices. If you're not the "girlie" type, though, and you really can't stand the thought of pastels, you can stick to good ol' black, as long as it's not too funereal. Try brightening the look with a colored scarf or shoes so you're not all in black.

A few years ago, women were expected to wear dresses, gloves and hats to weddings, but these days anything goes. Pants are fine, and you can leave the hat and gloves at home: just make sure you look smart and well-groomed and, most importantly, enjoy the day.

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Los Angeles, CA
Posted On: May 13, 2009
Flower girl dresses can be found here
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Los Angeles, CA
Posted On: May 13, 2009
Great advice on wedding fashion. You can find llots of flower girl dresses online these days too!
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Erwin, TN
Posted On: December 21, 2006
Nice. I'll talk about this with my mother. She so won't be on my side.
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Castle Rock, CO
Posted On: November 22, 2006
woot! 1st to post! good ideas !

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