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What's Up With Water? @ Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip

  What's Up With Water? (Doll Article)

(September 22, 2008 by JeZz Send DollMail )
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Do you drink water? If you were growing up twenty years ago, youíd get your drinking water right out of the tap and you might still. But today water is such a hot beverage (especially when the waterís cold) that itís sold in jugs, bottles, and even cans. If plain water isnít enough for you, you can also buy your water with a bit of flavor or even some essential vitamins. So, whatís up with water?

The Essential Element

As youíve probably learned many times in science your body is made with a huge amount of water. All together, somewhere from 55-78% of your body is water. The range is due to the amount of water present at different ages and genders. Even at the lowest end, more than half of your body is pure water, and if youíre not getting enough, there will be consequences.

Youíve likely heard that you need eight glasses of water a day. Many translate this to mean that you need eight drinks a day. This might be right as you can count the water in some juices and other drinks as drinking water, but you canít drink a soda and call it one of your eight. In fact, soda can actually help strip water from your body, so rather than helping to keep you hydrated, drinking soda means youíll actually have to drink more water to compensate for the treat. If you drink soda all day instead of water, you can just image what kind of imbalance you probably have inside.

Good Health

Drinking water helps you stay in good health. Water does plenty of things in your body that you might not be aware of, but if youíre good about drinking your water and then stop, youíll likely notice the change almost immediately.

Water gives you energy. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated so it works at its optimum condition. This helps your body move more easily and youíll have more energy over all.

Water refreshes your thirst. Itís not a lie that when you feel thirsty, youíve probably gotten a wee bit dehydrated. You should be drinking water throughout the day, not just when youíre about to die of thirst.

Water fuels your brain. Like most of your organs, your brain needs water to stay in tip-top shape. Drinking water during tests and on important thinking days has been shown to give your brain lasting power and help you actually score more highly.

Water clears the system. You most likely eat way too much salt. Sodium seems to be one of the most popular ingredients in processed foods. All that sodium actually soaks up the water in your body and makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. To get rid of the extra salt, you need to flush it out with even more water. The salt is one of the waste products found in urine, and the darker the urine is in color, the more water you should be drinking to keep your system running clean and clear.

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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 29, 2008
I drink loads of water.
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Posted On: September 28, 2008
Tea of any kind is horrible for you. It strips iron from your blood and really is not like water at all. I love it though, so yeah. ^.^
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United Kingdom
Posted On: September 27, 2008
Awesome Article, I drink 8 cup's of water in the day, lmao. i seriously do, i hate soda cause it has to many sugar and you know, and i hate go "Fat" xD. i love that artible anyways.
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Canton, NC
Posted On: September 26, 2008
I hardly drink anything but water.

I used to not drink as much water, but now I do, and I HAVE noticed a lot of changes, more energy, and a lot of the things you mentioned here.

Really good artical!
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Wilmington, DE
Posted On: September 24, 2008
My parents don't like me and my brothers drinking soda. So all we get with meals and snacks is water, milk or homemade lemonade. I love my Mom's lemonade. LOL. Awesome article. It has a lot of interesting facts.
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Philadelphia, PA
Posted On: September 24, 2008
I drink alot of sweet tea, and I don't drink soda, so I drink water all the time =^.^=
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Nashville, TN
Posted On: September 24, 2008
I don't have a problem drinking tap water...I actually prefer it to fridge water. My teeth are sensitive so cold water hurts them and tap water's temperature can be adjusted. I like bottle water too though (but not if it's been in the fridge)...especially Fuji water...not because of the water, because I'm sure it's all the same, lol but because I like the bottle XD. Smart Water used to have a cool bottle, but sadly they changed it...
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: September 24, 2008
umm, unless you exercise non stop, Gatorade is horrible for you.

If you have to, drink fruit juice or fruity tea instead. So much better for you. Gatorade has tons more electrolytes than your body needs, to replenish them when you work out. It's bad for you to have that much when you aren't doing some sport, as is the sugar.
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Posted On: September 24, 2008
I barely drink water.

But after reading that article on Saod I'll think I'll start.

They use it to clean blood? Dx

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Posted On: September 24, 2008
I tend to drink gatorade through out the day, not sure if thats good or very, very bad...
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Hopkinsville, KY
Posted On: September 23, 2008
I drink plain water every chance I get!! Of course, it comes from my fridge, so it is filtered, which is even better! Great article.

At lunch, if I can, I usually buy a bottle of apple juice or orange juice, which can count as a little bit of water, since water is in it.
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Bow Mar, CO
Posted On: September 23, 2008
Water O_O
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Arvada, CO
Posted On: September 23, 2008
water is my best friend.


swimming, drinking, bathing, beauty, it's got it all.
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Posted On: September 23, 2008
Good article. I drink sweet tea all day, and that is pretty much flavored, sugared, water.

Though I should probably drink more PLAIN water... heheh...
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